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Mount Shasta Schools in Crisis: Community Demands Board of Trustees Remove Superintendent Beall

Mount Shasta Community Unites to Protect the Community’s Access to Quality Education: Three Votes of No Confidence Demand MSUSD Board of Trustees Remove Superintendent Beall

Mount Shasta [May 11, 2024]-With deep concern for the future of Mount Shasta Elementary and Sisson Schools, a coalition of 85 MSUSD parents, representing 101 current and incoming students, has submitted a vote of no confidence in Superintendent Tami Beall to the MSUSD Board of Trustees. Adding to this, 50 Mt. Shasta community members have expressed grave concerns in their own vote of no confidence. These actions, alongside the vote from the MSETA (teacher’s union), signal an unprecedented display of support for teachers and a plea for the MSUSD Board of Trustees to take action to preserve these incredible schools by immediately removing the superintendent.

The parent vote states: “As partners with this district, we submit this vote to demonstrate our grave and sincere concerns as well as our commitment to supporting MSUSD’s short- and long-term welfare.” Parent concerns resonate deeply, evoking distressing allegations of the superintendent’s unprofessional communication with parents, her devastating impact on school climate, and the parents’ sense of exclusion from crucial decisions. Furthermore, there is a pervasive fear surrounding the potential limitations on educational options, community engagement restrictions, conflicts impeding efforts to boost enrollment and attendance, and the potential for escalated legal fees for the district.

Echoing these sentiments, the community’s vote of no confidence highlights concerns about Beall’s communication style, leadership, and decision-making abilities. They stress the decline in school climate, leading to dissatisfaction among stakeholders and the failure to maintain a thriving public school district attractive to new families and businesses.

In response to these urgent concerns, both votes of no confidence call upon the MSUSDBoard of Trustees to swiftly address the issues raised and ensure the well-being and prosperity of Mount Shasta Elementary and Sisson Schools.

The next regular board meeting of the MSUSD Board of Trustees takes place Tuesday, May 14th, 2024 at the Sisson School Cafeteria. Closed session public comment begins at 5:30 PM; open session begins at 7pm. 

*See votes of no confidence and May 14th MSUSD Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda at www.siskiyou.news

Source: MSUSD On Notice
An organization of parents concerned about the health and vitality of our children’s schools

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