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Mount Shasta Educators Call on School Board to Fire Superintendent

Superintendent Failed to Meet Expectations

MOUNT SHASTA – Mount Shasta Elementary Teachers Association (MSETA) released the following statement:

“On April 29, we sent the Mount Shasta Union School District (MSUSD) school board a letter detailing the ways in which Superintendent Tami Beall has failed in her leadership of staff and students. Earlier this month, the teachers’ union surveyed members and the results were clear: 100% of members declared no confidence in Superintendent Beall. Among the allegations contained in the letter, educators and parents say she has violated the California educational code, created a hostile work environment for employees, dismantled morale, and caused significant damage to the culture of MSUSD.
“The students of Mount Shasta deserve a leader who is committed to student achievement, collaboration and communication, team building, high expectations for staff and students, and a community-centered approach to the work. Superintendent Beall has repeatedly failed to act in ways consistent with the job expectations set forth by MSUSD. We remain unified and committed to standing up for the students we serve and call for the school board to fire Superintendent Beall.”

The Mount Shasta Elementary Teachers Association is affiliated with the 310,000-member California Teachers Association and the 3 million-member National Education Association. 

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  1. Laura Winslow

    This doesn’t surprise me. She leaves a mess at every school she goes to

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