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Short Story: It’s Springtime in the Siskiyous

Siskiyou Writers’ Club

It’s Springtime in the Siskiyous
By Sandy Harmon Johnson

Moving to Sis-ki-you County, he said

Gonna stake a few claims and mine for gold

Follow the Klamath River

Past Hamburg, Seiad and Happy Camp

Onto Somes Bar, then up the Salmon River to Forks of  Salmon

It began in late winter, the mountains were covered with snow

It was a cold brisk morning as we bundled up in insulated coveralls, stocking hats, and thermal gloves and headed out in the ATV.

He was beaming and so very proud to be back in Sis-ki-you County, in the land of fir trees, mountain creeks, rivers, and the magnificent beauty of nature. We bounced along for miles, sometimes hanging on for dear life as he sped around corners, close to the edge of the road and fearing we might go over the edge.

Day after day was spent exploring and staking claims. Late winter turned into early spring. Most of the snow had melted, the creeks were running clear from snow melt,  and the Salmon River was the most beautiful river we’d ever seen. Crystal blue in many places. 

Madrone trees were budding, manzanitas and oaks were springing to life. Mountain dogwoods against a background of deep green fir trees were spectacular, and moss clinging to rocks and trees, along the banks of the Salmon River. It seemed like paradise.

“This the most beautiful place to be and I would like to spend the rest of my life here,” he said, “but you know, I may be leaving.”

A lump swelled in my throat, overcome with emotion and fighting back tears, I turned away and said,  “maybe we’ll find a way for you to stay.”

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