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Get Your Well Tested

Recently, there have been indicators that suggest there are toxic heavy metals in the Klamath River.

If you live on or close to the river, it may be prudent to get your well tested heavy metals and other contaminants as soon as possible. 

There are a couple labs that can do the work, one in Grants Pass and one in Medford. 

Readers will have to choose their own testing company (we make no recommendation or endorsement). There are two testing labs: Grants Pass Water Lab and Neilson Research Corporation.

Having an initial test as soon as possible could provide important baseline data, and if there are contaminants, prevent the ingestion of such contaminants.

Moreover, over time, contaminants that may be moving through the alluvium/water table, may appear in wells that were previously uncontaminated. 

Being safe, is better than being sorry.

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