Did Corrupted Science & Graft Lead To The Removal of the Klamath Dams and the Resulting Environmental Disaster?

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The best science money can influence is now arguably implemented by the dam removal cohorts

The duplicity and fudging of science has become so widespread it has become a malignant cancer festering in academic and scientific circles. Like a deadly virus, it spreads from the hands of the money-givers who seek to have science conducted in a manner that supports a predetermined agenda, in this case, a highly profitable dam removal project in a location where it was and remains ill-advised.

“Corrupted Science”, the lecture series by Dr. Sheldon Krimsky a former Professor of Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning at Tufts University, was developed as part of a series of lectures that explores the disengagement of science from its ethical roots, resulting in a loss of honesty, integrity, objectivity, autonomy, and public confidence. The series of presentations highlights the corrupting influences on scientific practice. 

Dr. Krimsky, who warned of the profit motive in science died at the age of 80, but not before he opened the eyes of many scientists, scholars and journalists, as we read in this New York Times article: Sheldon Krimsky, Who Warned of Profit Motive in Science, Dies at 80 (Published 2022)

These days the term ‘environmentalist‘ has become a title that causes concern and suspicion in many circles. But why? Good stewardship of our environment benefits everyone, right?

Sadly, what seems to have happened according to some experts is that extremist eco-terrorists, who are monetizing the disasters and problems that they create via manipulated and crafted science, are now masquerading as ‘environmentalists’, giving that formerly honorable title a dubious tint.

That said, seeking and exposing the truth, instead of allowing these tricksters to dominate the public narrative using money and influence, is what some scientists and journalists are bravely positing. Even as most Americans stand on the sidelines watching the disastrous events related to the Klamath Dam removal unfold, too timid to get involved, there are warriors who use research and media to fight the widespread misinformation being pushed by the dam removal cohorts. These warriors use their cameras and keyboards to defend our natural resources from the smash and grab profiteers masquerading as fish-saviors and environmentalists.

And it’s not easy! These highly-financed fake environmentalists are using technology to sequester real science. By using their monetary influence and other motivators, they seem to be influencing the search engine optimization algorithms so they prop-up their spun-up narratives and bombastic bought and paid-for pseudo-science. 

We find an important lesson in real-life and the corruption that is alive and well at the Department of Interior in regard to the dismissal of the Science Integrity Officer, Dr. Paul Hauser.

Today, with all the ridiculous political trends and money-motivations, it’s damn hard to find the truth. 

Thankfully there are still some Americans who will not surrender their personal integrity for a paycheck and a pension and just go-along to get-along with politically and monetarily driven science.

The time is now for the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors to declare an ’emergency’ in regard to the evident Klamath Dam removal disaster that is now unfolding in our County, and adversely impacting Siskiyou County citizens and our economy. 

Watch #1, then review # 2 below.

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2: Integrity : Dr. Paul R. Houser

ALTERNATIVE LINK (A.I. is now blocking Dr. Houser’s page): Dr Paul R Houser  Klamath whistleblower

Additional pending disaster with regard to demolition of the earthen dams!

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  1. Ron Ratcliffe

    Unfortunately..too many of these disasters always are driven by “Political Control Motives”. The Enviro Croud appears to have no limits in pursuance of their questionable goals. Case in point: In trying to prove the validity of dam breeching..the Calif. F&G released 800K+- “Fingerlings” below a dam..knowing full well..Fingerlings DON’T swim UPSTREAM..but they created a story for “Donors” to “Prove” how deadly dams are to fish migrations! The “BIG PRIZE” actually further North..The Columbia River Drainage..which effects areas the size of Texas!!

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