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Blasting Set To Begin On COPCO 1

Well FERC has outdone itself on this approved plan to work around the clock 24 hours a day to blast drill and blast for as long as it takes..

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has reviewed the dam removal overall blasting plan for the Copco No. 1 Development of the Lower Klamath Project. The plan adequately describes safety protocols, blast order, dimensions, and timeline. The first blast of each type and design will be considered a trial blast, requiring submission of pre-blast plans and a post-blast report. The contractor intends to complete the blasting activities over two weeks, possibly implementing a 24-hour sequence. Changes to blast designs based on trial blast results should be notified to FERC, and pre-blast plans reflecting the changes should be submitted accordingly.

see PDF below:

Please let all your affected friends know who are in the area.  Hopefully, there will be some mitigation for Copco Residents located in the line of fire so to speak.  Perhaps the destruction of all aquatic life and animals dependent on the lake was a prelude to a more humane treatment (they won’t likely be caught up in the explosions) but anyone living within earshot has a legitimate complaint and ought to be compensated by KRRC for being subjected to this wartime experience.

Certainly, the County should be able to lodge a complaint to the State or to the FEDs for subjecting its population to this egregious process. Perhaps the Board of KRRC can have a campout at the site and suffer with the citizens.

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