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Students From ETNA HIGH SCHOOL Participate in 2023 Shasta Forestry Challange

Etna High School students assessed the potential for a shaded fuelbreak at Noble Demonstration State Forest and recommended future forest management activities that will help protect the adjacent community.

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Front row, left to right: Kellie Harget (advisor), Enzlie Harget, Connor Steckmyer, Jacob Holland, Skya Callahan, Emely Scovill

Shingletown, CA — 4 students from Etna High School participated recently in the 2023 Shasta Forestry Challenge, one group of a total of 95 high school students from 15 schools from northern and central California.  The event was September 27th to 30th at Mountain Meadows Camp, east of Shingletown, California.

One of the highlights for the students this year was the opportunity to evaluate fuel reduction treatments at Noble Demonstration State Forest.  Students will collect data and determine if the treated areas are compliant with state standards for shaded fuelbreaks.  During the Challenge, teams of students also completed a field test to assess their technical forestry knowledge and data collecting skills.

“I enjoy bringing my students to a hands-on industry event so they can see different careers,”

said Etna High School teacher Kellie Hargett.

  Emely Scovill, a sophomore at Etna High School, summed it up as follows: 
“I hope I can come back every year!”

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 Etna High School student Jacob Holland uses a logger’s tape to measure the diameter of a tree, one of the many skills learned at the 2023 Shasta Forestry Challenge near Shingletown.

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  1. Beth Hitchcock

    Good job! Knowing that these young people are participating in learning about our forests gives me hope for the future.

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