Bureau of Lies & Malfeasance?

As a the Executive Director of Wild Horse Fire Brigade, which has developed and proven an obvious solution to the entire wild horse management issue, quite often people ask me: 

‘Why can’t you work with the Bureau of Land Management (‘BLM’) to implement your plan’?

The simple answer to that question, is a question:

How can anyone with even a token of ethics and moral standards work with an agency that is little more than a tax-payer subsidized criminal enterprise?  

Sound harsh?  

Even though there are some good people working at the BLM, they won’t rock the boat during their tenure for fear of losing their and/or retirement.

We saw a clear example of this with Mr. Bob Edwards, a 30-year BLM wild horse and burro manager, who waited until he retired to tell the truth in a live TV interview, here:
(3:23 mark)

However, there are alarming facts that support the concern and questioning of the BLM’s arguably ongoing criminal enterprise:

In 2019, I was nominated to the BLM’s National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board because of my training in science and empirical experience ranching and studying and managing wild horses. 

During my pre-seating interview with the head of BLM’s wild horse and burro program back then, I was clear that as a part of that Board, I intended to offer new ideas about managing wild horses that would save taxpayers hundreds of $-millions annually. 

And that I was not going to just sit there and ‘go-along to get-along’, as has been the case for the past 30-years on that Board. As a result, I was not seated and the second-choice candidate (assumably a lemming) was seated instead. 

Lesson was simple: It’s their (BLM’s) way or the highway.

Here is a PDF that contains just a sampling of the Letters that nominated me to that Board: 


Here (below) are some more examples that demonstrate the criminal corruption infesting the BLM:



3. Publishing and supplying Congress with false information:

The BLM has been and is currently engaged in an ongoing campaign of willful ignorance and a campaign of misinformation via their ongoing propagation of manifestly false statements, including but not limited to this whopper:

“Wild horses have no natural predators …” is a false statement promoted by the BLM. (appears on page-1, paragraph 5 of their ‘executive summary’)

That false statement appears in a so-called management plan that was presented to the Congress of The United States in writing titled; ‘Report To Congress – Management Options For A Sustainable Wild Horse And Burro Program’

The BLM has mastered the use of ‘smoke and mirrors’, myths and even reinventing people to fit a crafted impression.

In the case of the recent appointment of Holle Waddelle to head the BLM’s wild horse and burro program, we clearly see the use of invention in regard to creating someone to ‘look the part’ and who will follow orders from the top without question (or maybe even missing the capacity to question policies) 

More information at this article titled; ‘Wild Horse Wars’

It’s no wonder so many ranchers have been fooled into believing faked information about wild horses, crafted by phony people and supported by paid-for fake science.

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