Yreka Creek Greenway is ready for Fall Salmon Run

Yreka Creek 9.25.23

With the help of Yreka Police Departments Homeless Liaison Officer Elliott, we took several hours walking on foot and patrolling the Greenway and Yreka Creek. We started at Walmart because I had been told about a homeless camp in that area. Glad to report rumors are rumors. We found nothing and I was amazed at actually how clean and free of trash and litter the creek area was.

Just spending a few hours with Officer Elliott we responded to someone playing chicken with traffic at Jolly’s, followed by a stolen vehicle last seen “reported sighting”, and a few other calls. While other officer also were NOT watching the paint day today either. That all took place from 8am till 11am when we both had other meeting we needed to be getting to.

So, Here is your Greenway today, from Walmart to Miners Street.

Looking for GOLD
Bottling Works Mall Area

I believe Officer Elliott was glad not to find a monstrous mess to deal with. Winter is on the way and this is not the smartest place to camp when the rains come.

James does like his Job!

Behind PP&L
Sweat Lodge is down for the winter I see, Humility and Purification.
Yreka Creek and Miners Street
Officer Elliott places this notice in cleared out sites. Notifying that new campers that they would be in violation of city codes.

I also followed up on a CareBox dispenser that I caught wind about. Sure enough Here it is… I could not decide on which safe sex kit so I just took a picture. If ya do not laugh once in a while you might loose your mind at the craziness.

And Then

This one I have to chase down, if you have a community of 300+ dry camping yearly. How many honey buckets are required. Seriously…
I think I missed this question on my last exam
Currently there has been 2 of them. They are overflowing by next pumping cycle. Talk about a job that stinks, and I did have a chance to talk with “him”. He asked for his company name to not be published and he did not want an “at-a-boy” but sometime you have to give someone a little thanks even if they do not want it. #ThanklessJobs

FYI: “he” had to scrap is own name off the blue beauty’s so his phone would stop ringing.

To Be Continued…
and if you want to know more about Yreka Greenway Discover Siskiyou put this together. https://discoversiskiyou.com/activities/yreka-creek-greenway/

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