Member of Congress Speaks Common Sense And IS BIDEN “FALLING APART”

In my OPINION this is not a RED OR BLUE TEAM ISSUE, but a AMERICAN problem. I feel that WE are being driven into the ground, and every thing he said is true and it’s sad that our government believes in these mandates …

Rural people are not even taken into consideration , they could care less about us,
it’s sad and disgusting.

A look at the United Stated though the news of another nation…

The US President’s recent appearances have been some of his worst.

Remember to Hydrate, get some exercise and take a minute to relax, clear your mind!


  1. The Native American

    Ohhh I cannot wait until the TCJA expires and people start waking up with what’s going on with Trump’s “Tax Reform” and blame it on Biden during re-election time. Hmmm… where have I seen this before…on YEAH! Bush Cuts expiring around Obama re-election! Oh those dirty sly dogs from team red convincing their voters that it’s the Democrats increasing their taxes tsk tsk tsk!

    TCJA is set to expire in 2025. Come 2024, don’t be too surprised if Republicans warn the people again that “If you vote for Biden again, your taxes will increase this time!”. All while overlooking that Trump was the one that signed for it and set it to expire around this time in the first place! So standard deductions will be cut in half and say bye bye to child tax credits while at it! It’s going to be quite insane! When are people going to stop and think for a sec and realize Tax reform from team red is always an “issue”, and you have to ask yourselves why?

    I guess people who vote to “Make American Great Again” will continue to vote against their own interests come 2024 election time! Good job, people! /s.

  2. The Native American

    Forgot to add, TCJA gave PERMANENT tax cuts to corporations (and their profits!)! Surprise surprise! (not).

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