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Happy Camp Complex Evening Update Aug. 25

Please join us for a virtual public meeting and update for the Happy Camp Complex on Saturday, August 26th, at 5:30 p.m. Fire personnel will provide an operational overview of the fire situation. The meeting will be live-streamed on Facebook (facebook.com/Klamath NF) and YouTube (youtube.com/@ciimt5). A Facebook account is not necessary to view the meeting. 

Clear skies and lower relative humidity increased fire behavior throughout the Happy Camp Complex today. Aircraft were used on both the west and east sides of the complex to aid firefighters and slow the spread of the fires. Smoke production increased, most notably the Scott Fire, which developed a large column this afternoon.   

WEST SIDE OVERVIEW (ACRES/CONTAINMENT): Elliot (4,463 acres, 3%), Swillup (1,768 acres, 0%), Malone (413 acres, 7%), Ufish (1,255 acres, 0%) 

The west side of the complex was very active today. Fixed-wing aircraft and water-dropping helicopters supported firefighters on the ground as they continued to hold the Highway 96 corridor and protect structures. Firefighters assisted local resources with a new lightning fire west of the Elliot Fire. The Elliot, Swillup, Ufish, and Malone fires increased in acreage today. Tonight, firefighters will use limited tactical firing operations to tie the Elliot Fire back into the south side of Coon Creek. Crews will also patrol the State Route 96 corridor and the Swillup Fire, where a structure threat still exists. 

EAST SIDE OVERVIEW (ACRES/CONTAINMENT):Head (6,683 acres, 19%), Block (0.1 acres, 100%), Townsend (81 acres, 100%), Den (294 acres, 95%), Scott (1,469 acres, 50%), Lake (191 acres, 5%) 

The Scott and Gold fires burned together today and will now be known as the Scott Fire. The fire remained active but remained within the contingency lines constructed. The fire continues to back toward Scott River. Firefighters will keep a close watch due to the potential for spotting across the river. 

On the Head Fire, crews completed line construction on the east flank from State Route 96 to Collins Baldy Lookout, and down to Scott Bar. Firefighters will now shift their efforts to the northwest and west flanks of the fire.   

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