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Klamath National Forest Fire Activity Update – August 25, 2023

Forest Service News Release

Yreka, Calif. – The Klamath National Forest received lightning yesterday afternoon across the
western portion of the forest. Three new fires have been reported thus far, with the possibility of
additional fires being discovered in the coming days. Potential fire activity across the region will remain
elevated as higher temperatures and clear skies persist through the weekend. Progress on the existing
fires on the Klamath National Forest continues. All but two remaining fires not associated with the
Happy Camp Complex are controlled and in patrol status.
Yesterday, firefighters from the Happy Camp Complex responded to the newly reported McCarthy Fire
near McCarthy Creek on the Salmon/Scott Ranger District. The fire is approximately 0.3 acres and will
be addressed as part of the Happy Camp Complex.
Happy Camp/Oak Knoll District:

  • The Berry Fire near Huckleberry Mountain is approximately 0.2 acres. The fire is controlled and in
    patrol status.
  • The Capitan Fire near Capitan Mountain is approximately 2 acres. The fire is controlled and in patrol
  • The Indy Fire is along Independence Creek near the border of the Marble Mountain Wilderness. Fire
    officials have been unable to locate the exact location. This will be the final report on the Indy Fire.
  • The Titus Fire in the Marble Mountain Wilderness south of Norcross Campground is approximately 100
    acres. The fire is in difficult to reach terrain with low probability of continuing to spread due to natural
    barriers. Fire officials are developing plans for this fire.
    Salmon/Scott River Ranger District:
  • The newly reported Browns Fire near Browns Gulch is approximately 0.1 acres. The fire is
    contained and in patrol status.
  • The newly reported Garden Fire near Chimney Rock is approximately 0.1 acres. Heli-rappelers
    are staffing the fire.
  • The Uncle Fire is near Uncles Lake in the Marble Mountain Wilderness. Fire officials have been
    unable to locate the exact location of the fire. This will be the final report on the Uncle Fire.
    The following three fires were previously reported out. Fire officials anticipate calling these fires
    out in the coming days. Below is an updated status:
  • The Box Fire near Box Camp Trailhead is approximately 0.5 acre. The fire is contained and in patrol
  • The Grizzly Fire in the Russian Wilderness is approximately 1.5 acres. The fire is contained and in
    patrol status.
  • The Titmouse Fire near Titmouse Gulch near Little North Fork Trailhead is approximately 0.5 acres.
    The fire is contained and in patrol status.

Goosenest Ranger District:

  • No active fires to report.
    Evacuation Orders and Warnings: Evacuation orders and warnings remain in effect. Monitor CodeRED and the Siskiyou County Sheriff Facebook Page for current information.
    Forest Closures: The Klamath National Forest has issued an emergency closure order for two
    portions of the forest. The purpose of the closure is to provide for public safety in response to ongoing wildfire activity across the forest, including the Happy Camp Complex. The closure prohibits the public from entering portions of the forest in or near the vicinity of ongoing wildfire activity. The closure order also prohibits the use of roads, trails, and developed recreation sites within the closure.
  • Happy Camp Ranger District Closure Location: The closure order extends from Happy
    Camp south to the Marble Mountain Wilderness boundary at Norcross Recreation Area. The
    closure continues west along the edge of the Marble Mountain Wilderness to the Siskiyou
    Wilderness boundary. From there, the closure runs north along the Siskiyou Wilderness, down
    Clear Creek to Highway 96, and then north back to Happy Camp near Curly Jack Campground.
  • Oak Knoll and Scott River Ranger Districts Closure Area: The closure order is generally
    northwest of Scott Valley and includes some of the Marble Mountain Wilderness near Lover’s
    Camp. From the Wilderness boundary, the closure continues along Grider Creek north to Seiad
    Valley. The closure extends northeast of Seiad Valley to areas north of the Klamath River.
  • A map of the closure order, including specific roads, trails, and recreation sites
    can be found on the Klamath National Forest Website:
    o Happy Camp District Closure:
    o Oak Knoll and Scott River Districts Closure:
    The Pacific Crest Trail: The area within the Forest Orders, including the PCT from the Shelly Fork junction to Seiad Valley, is a hard closure. The PCT from Etna Summit to the Oregon border is a soft closure, intended to prevent long distance hikers entering the official closure area. Incidental use of the PCT outside of the Forest Closure area is not officially prohibited. Visitors should be aware conditions can change rapidly regardless of where they are recreating on the Forest.
    Highway 96 is now open with one-way traffic control.
    Scott River Road is a hard closure.
    Information on Klamath National Forest fires that are not part of the Happy Camp Complex can be found at:
    Information on the Happy Camp Complex can be found at: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident-

    Fire Restrictions:
    Fire restrictions are in place on the Klamath National Forest. Campfires are only permitted in developed
    campgrounds and designated wilderness areas. Area closures are in place for the Happy Camp Complex,
    effective today. Full descriptions of restrictions and closures are available at:
    Please obey any evacuation Orders and Warnings that have been issued

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