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AG INFORMATION NEWORK:  Series on ‘Wild Horse Fire Brigade’

William Simpson’s work with the wild horses in the ‘wild Horse Fire Brigade’ is gaining some real national attention. The cost effective use of wild horse to reduce fuel loads and help manage nature in a natural way.

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Ag Information Network series on Wild Horse Fire Brigade:

1.     https://www.aginfo.net/report/47920/Line-on-Agriculture/Wild-Horses

2.     https://www.aginfo.net/report/48249/Sportsman-s-Spotlight/Balance-of-Nature

3.     https://www.aginfo.net/report/50989/Idaho-Ag-Today/Argument-for-Wild-Horse-Relo

4.     https://www.aginfo.net/report/49409/Idaho-Ag-Today/Wild-horses-and-water

5.     https://www.aginfo.net/report/50384/Line-on-Agriculture/Wild-Horses-and-Wildfire

6.     https://www.aginfo.net/report/51505/Idaho-Ag-Today/Wildhorse-Fire-Brigade

7.     https://www.aginfo.net/report/48536/Line-on-Agriculture/Difference-between-domestic-and-wild-horses

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