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Who can we trust to protect our freedoms?

Last October 31, Congressman Doug LaMalfa posted on Facebook: “No government should pick and choose which freedoms it will preserve and protect and which it will not.” 

Republicans believe in our constitutional rights, but if it’s not mentioned in the Constitution, then it’s not a right. This is one reason why they are against same-sex marriage, equal rights for LGBTQ individuals, and interracial marriage, which are not mentioned in the Constitution.  

We have seen this with the Supreme Court overturning the 1973 Roe v Wade decision. Roe v Wade determined that abortion was a fundamental Constitutional right implied by the 14th Amendment’s right to personal privacy. 

Justice Alito, writing for the majority in overturning Roe v Wade, said that the only legitimate rights not explicitly stated in the Constitution, are those that are deeply rooted in the Nation’s history, traditions and within the concept of ordered liberty. Abortion, the majority decided, is not such a right. 

If Justice Alito’s staff had done proper research, they would have discovered that abortion was practiced in America from 1600 to the mid-1800s conducted mostly by midwives (plannedparenhoodaction.org). Common law allowed abortions if they were performed prior to quickening, which is the first time a mother feels the baby kick at 14-26 weeks into a pregnancy. By 1910 abortion was illegal in all 46 states.  
Justice Alito’s reasoning for overturning Roe v Wade was wrong. Our 200+ years of legal abortion history prior to the Roe v Wade decision, clearly meets Alito’s reasoning for rights not mentioned in the Constitution. Abortion is deeply rooted in our Nation’s history and traditions and therefore, abortion should have been ruled a legitimate right.       

It can be concluded that the Supreme Court’s reasoning for overturning Roe v Wade is based on the justices’ personal conservative ideology and religious beliefs. The right to an abortion is now left up to the individual states to determine. Currently, abortion is legal in 21 states + Washington D.C (reproductiverights.org). This creates a national disparity denying equal rights to all women.

Republicans have no problem with the judicial branch of our government taking away the fundamental right of women to control their own body. This is a clear example of conservative ideology and political power determining which Federal rights we will be allowed to keep. 

Overturning Roe v Wade conflicts with LaMalfa’s Oct 31, 2022 Facebook post that stated: “No government should pick and choose which freedoms it will preserve and protect and which it will not.” The judicial branch of the federal government chose not to protect a woman’s right to control their own bodies. Why isn’t LaMalfa protesting the Supreme Court’s refusal to preserve this Constitutional right? Is it because LaMalfa knows that his Facebook post was bogus?  I believe LaMalfa is scamming us into thinking he and his Republican cohorts will protect our rights. The truth is that LaMalfa and his gang will only let us have freedoms and rights that meet their conservative ideology and religious beliefs. LaMalfa and his Republican cohorts will dictate to us which rights they will allow us to have. It seems that the Democrats are the ones protecting our rights and freedoms. 

The next rights at risk of being taken away from the people will be contraceptive medicines and devices, same-sex marriage, equal rights for LGBTQ individuals, and interracial marriage. 

Because the Democrats no longer trust this conservative dominated Supreme Court to protect our freedoms and rights, the House passed H.R. 8404: Respect for Marriage Act on Dec 8, 2022 and President Biden signed it into law on Dec 13. The Respect for Marriage Act establishes federal statutory authority for same-sex and interracial marriages and repeals provisions of laws that allow any State or territory to refuse to accept a same-sex marriage from another State or territory.

Tom Laurent


  1. The Native American

    Forced copulation with the added coerced reproduction should tell people one thing: Life, liberty and justice is an illusion.

    The Conservatives/Republicans must obey and follow the demands from their corporate overlords under the guise of (insert religion here).

    Rolling back Roe v Wade, in addition to going back to child labor, and forcing parents to have kids (despite not having neither the means to do so) should spell out disaster for those at the bottom. But then networks like FOX News spin out crime, immigration, and overpopulation as the main problem for “Americans”, and to “save it” you must vote RED.

    This system doesn’t see us as people and individuals because if they did, they wouldn’t have displaced the sick, the homeless, the elderly and even veterans. I am willing to bet that if Team RED cared that much about life, they would have signed up to adopt children. Of course, all of this got accelerated during Reagan’s administration as well with the trickle-down nonsense.

    We are nothing but bodies for the corrupt, the crony, and the greedy.

  2. Alice Rogers

    The Republican Party is there to take away our rights and freedoms at every turn. LaMalfa will do nothing to help anyone but himself and his donors. He is a puppet for the Party.

  3. On the other hand, censorship by the federal government has been expanding over the last few years. I find this a huge threat to the 1rst Amendment and the Constitution. Maybe ironically, it’s the Republicans in the House that are pushing back against censorship. Democrats seem to be strangely quiet on this issue.

  4. America 🇺🇸

    If you think for one minute that defunding ,traditional reckoning ,woke loving ,vaccine believing ,democrats your about as stupid as it gets.Your president is destroying this whole country from the inside out.Once they take our guns on the train to the camp for all of us especially californians.

  5. The Native American


    to further illustrate my points to some commenters, read about the corruption that’s happening with the supreme court justices. Clarence Thomas for starters. Are people not seeing the evidence that the SCJ folks are bought and paid for by the elite? Make Samuel Alito a second corrupt member.


    If gun and immigration issues are a big “threat” to your “freedom”, which placates you to continue voting red, then you can keep chasing that carrot on a stick. Just don’t expect help from the corporations or elite when you’re out on the street (I guess you can have pride and ego for supper?).

    It takes one bad illness to wipe out your mere possessions (home, truck, guns, business or savings). Plenty of people that voted against their interests lost it all because their partner got some form of cancer and couldn’t keep up with care costs. There’s a big black hole that needs to be constantly and consistently filled in today’s corporate and capitalistic America. It will never be enough! Just ask the bribe takers from the Supreme Court.

    You’re much closer to becoming homeless than being wealthy or “American”. Just some thought if that tracks even a bit.

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