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Yreka’s New Downtown Mural ~ Past, Present & Future

“If We Could Honor The Past and Unfold the Future,

Photos Courtesy of Lani Cartwright

The mural, according to artist Lani Cartwright, is meant to “show and honor the diversity of Yreka from Past, Present, and into the future.”

After combing through 1000’s of historical photographs, 140 hours of computer time and 72 layers the 16 foot by 28 foot mural was finished and installed before Christmas 2022.

On the corner of Miner and Main Street in Downtown Yreka, a new mural was installed.

Oh we are so happy to see that the mural is finally up! Once again I would like to thank all those involved It was a three year project and it would have never would have happened without Kim Presley, Liberty Arts and the California Art Council, Troy Davis, City of Yreka, Signarama and especially Lani Cartwright. I came up with the idea in 2019 after seeing the work of JR a french photographer. I wanted the mural to reflect the past, present and future of our city. We found Lani and she took many of the beautiful photographs and arranged the historic and her photos in the design. I am working on a way to get the identification done, a who’s who of the people in the mural available online. I am gratified to see all the support and positive feedback for the unique history of our Yreka. Thank you !

Connie Meek FB Page

Figures of Yreka’s past grace the mural, as well as numerous individuals from Yreka’s present. The idea for the mural came with help from the Liberty Arts Gallery in Yreka which was able to fund the artwork through a grant from the California Arts Council

The next phase will be to put together a website so you can learn more about the history and people that are memorialized. The plan is to have a QR code plaque or sign that you can scan to pull up the website and learn about the history and historical stories of Yreka along with the idea of a self guided tour.

Here is a partial list, see who all you can spot?

Linda & Mary Carpelan, Ralph Starritt, Florrine Super and her boys Issac and Ivan. Kayla Super her daughter Nevaeh and her sons Dayvon and Kyson. Cota Purcell, Ethan Crowley, Jayden Taylor, Raf Franco and his daughter Sophia. The Klever Family. Allison Wendt, William Anthony Morrell, Meadow Cummings, Henry Baum, The Men from Juan’s Fruit Stand: Hal, Juan and Harold. The Chhom family, The Phillips Family, Claudia & Don East, Rajiv & Marianne Hotek, Kenzie Phillips, Joan Fabero, Molly Metok, Mary Carpelan and her sister Linda Navarro. Jayden Dunbar, Ethan Crowley, Nocona Burcell.

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