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"STEAMPUNKERS" Celebrated In Dunsmuir Over The Weekend.

By Shareen Strauss

Photos By Shareen Strauss

Siskiyou News Correspondent

Len Foreman announces the junior winners of the Steampunk costume competition: 10-year-old Grace Ermi of Redding placed second and 6-year-old Casteel Fish took first place

Dunsmuir celebrated its second Steampunk Festival over the weekend. From 11 AM to 10 PM on Saturday and 11 to 4 PM on Sunday, it was about the biggest draw for an event that Dunsmuir had in over two years since Covid.

In just one day, tents popped up along Sacramento Ave to shade a stage, booths, and an eating area creating a festival atmosphere that drew the curious and bring the "steampunkers" into town.

It was estimated by the Dunsmuir Chamber that about 300 to 500 people came from all over to participate and dress up in "steampunk" fashion that originated by science fiction author K.W. Jeter in the 1970s as a subgenre of science fiction that mixes victorian-era fashion and technology in modern times.

There has been a big following of Steampunk enthusiasts in recent years.

Enjoying watching all the people in costumes at the Steampunk Festival in Dunsmuir, Tom Arend says, "This has been a great event and we are having perfect weather for it. I hope it continues to grow."

Many other people came to see just what it was all about.

Peter Himes and Masis Hounanian from Los Angeles came to Dunsmuir to go fishing but afterward, they plan on hanging out at the Steampunk Festival.

More activities were added this year including "Kids Corner" which held games of mini golf, cornhole, and a craft booth for children to make their own steampunk gadgets.

There was also a rat-rod contest and a costume competition. Food was available but the eateries in town were kept busy as Dunsmuir is known for its good restaurants.

In tophats that they bought at the Steampunk Festival, Bryan Russell and his son Van from Redding, stand next to their '29 model A they call "Speak Easy Special" which was in the rat-rod show during the festival on Saturday.

Heidi Prado with Hill Street Band from Redding

There was a variety of different bands that played throughout the two-day festival that many enjoyed dancing to. Twenty-two booths of vintage clothing, jewelry, antiques, crafts, and steampunk wear were all very popular and did well as many of the vendors came from out of the area bringing unusual steampunk items and souvenirs to sell.

Looking dapper in his Victorian English suit walking the streets of Dunsmuir, Dylan Brookman ended up taking 2nd place in the Steampunk costume competition on Saturday.

Many men wore Kilts and tophats adorn with clocks and gadgets which is Steampunk fashion.

The main street in Dunsmuir looked barren as the festival took place at the bottom of the hill near the train depot so as not to close down Dunsmuir Ave. where most of the stores cater to tourism which is where the festival was held the last time.

At the Dunsmuir's Steampunk Festival, Jamal and Meshell Orton from Weed fit right in.

Though they fit right in, John Adams and his mother Doris Wilson from Oakland were actually dressed for a wedding but walked around and did some shopping at the Steampunk Festival in Dunsmuir

Councilman Big Dave Kiesler working as security during the festival said, "This year's festival was well attended with people coming from far away dressed in costume. More came in the evening to dance to the bands."

To dress unusual for the Steampunk Festival over the weekend, Barry Peterson from Weed, Ca.

wore his hat that he carved out of oak in 2019.

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