Siskiyou County to Vote on Extending Monthly Homeless Shower Program

The Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors is set to vote on a contract extension that would continue providing monthly shower services for the local homeless population. The addendum to the existing contract with Emergency Command Support, Inc. is on the upcoming meeting agenda.

Key points of the proposed extension include:

  1. Duration: The contract would be extended from its original end date of June 30, 2024, through January 31, 2025, covering a 7-month period.
  2. Funding: An additional $114,800 is proposed, bringing the total contract value to $224,000.
  3. Services: The funding would cover monthly shower events for homeless individuals.
  4. Usage: Each monthly event provides an average of 42 showers.
  5. Cost per shower: Based on the additional funding amount, each shower would cost approximately $390.48.

The high cost per shower likely reflects the comprehensive nature of the service, potentially including transportation, staffing, equipment, supplies, and other operational expenses associated with providing mobile shower facilities on a monthly basis.

If approved, this extension would ensure the continuation of an essential hygiene service for the county’s homeless population. The program appears to serve a specific number of individuals, providing them with regular access to shower facilities that may otherwise be unavailable to them.

Board Chair Michael N. Kobseff would sign the addendum if it passes. The contractor, Emergency Command Support, Inc., represented by President Case Blaken and Vice President Baron Browning, has already signed pending board approval.


  1. Curious – Do the homeless do anything to help themselves? Or do they just hang around and wait for city and county boards and supervisors to spend more taxpayer money on them?

  2. James McDonald

    If you give a man a meal he will always want another. If you give comfort and support to a man he will always want more. If you stop feeding the man and take away his support he will either support and feed himself of find another dawn fool to take care of him.
    STOP catering to the deadbeats!!

  3. The Native American

    Not shocking how personal hygiene has become politicized considering how people want to play “Capitalist” until the day they can no longer do so.

    @Jane, homeless people are often discouraged and really depressed to the point that anything they try and do taxes their mental/physical health in case you haven’t figured that out. Your day will come when depression hits you, and you will see what that’s like. I promise.

    @James McDonald, privilege talk will be privilege talk.

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