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“What’s Happening at Five Marys Burgerhouse?” 

There’s been a lot of chatter about changes at Five Marys Burgerhouse and we want to set the record straight with FACTS to lessen the gossip.

When we opened Five Marys Burgerhouse almost seven years ago, we envisioned a welcoming atmosphere where locals and any passersby could come in for a great meal made with quality, local ingredients (we serve Five Marys meats, Rockside Ranch eggs and local produce whenever possible), enjoy a good drink – or two – and be in great company, all served up by people living right here in Scott Valley. These objectives have not changed. 

 We recently had to make some changes towards keeping our atmosphere family friendly (no more dollar beer nights or late karaoke nights, as they had become a problem) and making sure we treated every customer who came in with the same welcoming attitude and great service. 

 We did this after listening to feedback from our community that, over the last several weeks, things had felt like they were moving away from the welcoming, family-friendly service we always want to provide. We also wanted to make sure our employees enjoyed coming to work and were proud to work here. Because of these changes, we had some staff voluntarily resign (none of the front of the house staff were fired). 

 We still have a committed team working hard to make sure each experience at Five Marys Burgerhouse is a great one. Almost all of that team lives right here in Scott Valley. Because we value each of them, we pay as much as we possibly can (in fact some of them made more money than we did from the restaurant last year). Between our Scott Valley businesses, we have employed hundreds of locals, high school, college students, etc and we currently employ almost 50 locals here, most full-time. You’ll often find us working side by side with them. 

 It is not easy to run a restaurant, especially in these times. Food costs, power costs, propane costs and, frankly, every other imaginable cost, have all skyrocketed in the last several years. We won’t skimp or cut corners – we focus on super high quality, fresh ingredients and our own ranch-raised meats – all of which means our food costs much higher than most places – yet we strive to keep prices as low as possible so that we can continue to serve our local families as regulars. Five Marys Burgerhouse, being off the beaten path, presents additional challenges in maintaining high-quality food and service. We nonetheless proudly push forward for the benefit of our employees and for our community. 

 We always want Five Marys to be a community and family-centered place – catering to families and family values – not just late-night bar crowds. We want it to be a family establishment with great food, a great atmosphere, and great people on our staff for our valued guests enjoying our food.

We have been sad and disappointed to see negative gossip and banter as we reclaim our family-friendly atmosphere – and to those people who have loudly threatened to “boycott” Five Marys because of this – we welcome you to do so, as it only allows us to focus more on the loyal customers who value the same things we do. 

We have spent the last two weeks rolling up our sleeves with our current team of fantastic employees to get back to what we love about serving this community – providing a smile when you walk in, a welcoming wait staff and delicious food and cocktails for a great experience. We try our best to get food out as quickly as we can – it can be difficult in a small town when people tend to either not come in or all show up at once. 🙂 

 Please come by and say hi to Alicia our new manager – and our friendly staff of local servers, bartenders and staff doing their best everyday, just like we are.

 – Brian, Mary and the Five Marys Team 

 PS – we have a fun new and nostalgic addition to the restaurant we are putting out front today – stop by and let us know if it brings back memories for you!

 *We love our Friday Night LIVE MUSIC and will do our best to continue with it – if you are a BAND who had previously talked to our manager about booking a night of music:

please reach out to [email protected] as we might not have your info.

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  1. Ann balmer

    We have been coming in since you opened but always around 4:00. Always great! We had no idea there was a problem. It’s good you’ve made the changes for the good! We’ll continue come as always!

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