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More Festivals Happening in McCloud

Just a week after McCloud’s Annual Mushroom Festival, the streets in McCloud again filled back up with people but this time looking for good deals and treasures to take home during McCloud’s 53rd Annual Flea Market.

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It was a different demographic over the first weekend of June as people came from all around in search of great finds at yard sales that were found on every street in town on both Saturday and Sunday. The Flea Market itself was held just on Sunday with 70 booths that lined Main Street. 

While crafters made a killing selling their artwork during the Mushroom Festival, it was second hand items that got bought out at the Flea Market. The different festivals and events each draw a different crowd according to Quentin Zahara, who is the McCloud Chamber of Commerce President.  

McCloud’s next big event is the 77th Annual Lumberjack Fiesta next month at the end of July. It starts with the Lumberjack Parade with this year’s Grand Marshal Percilla Wood. 

For more information about McCloud’s events, go to or call (530) 964-3113 or email: [email protected]

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