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Marble Mountain Wilderness Air Rescue Injured PCT Hiker

A Pacific Crest Trail hiker from Holland was rescued May 23rd, 2024 after being stranded in the Marble Mountains west of Scott Valley. The lone hiker was located via a Garmin tracking device and airlifted to safety by a CHP helicopter crew.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) received an alert from the hiker’s tracking device early this afternoon, indicating their location in the Man Eaten Lake area. A fixed-wing aircraft equipped with a heat sensor was deployed and quickly located the stranded individual.

CHP rescue helicopter H-14 was dispatched and successfully extracted the hiker via cable lift. Upon landing at Scott Valley Airport, the hiker was met by Etna Ambulance, Mercy Medic 973, and CHP medical personnel who immediately began providing treatment for head and rib injuries.

A CHP officer involved in the rescue noted that the hiker had slid down a 30-foot embankment and was partially concealed in the snow. The hiker’s clothing made them difficult to spot against the terrain.

The injured hiker was ultimately flown to Medford, Oregon, via Mercy Ambulance 973 for further medical care.

rescue video on siskiyou.news

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