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Part III: Impacts of Klamath Dam Removal – Lecture on YouTube

Greetings Legislators, Elected Officials, and Fellow Citizens!

I hope this YouTube video-lecture helps people to better understand the issues swirling around the removal of the Klamath Dams and WHY the sediments in the lakes are so toxic and must be addressed properly by removal, not planting them in place, the cheap way out leaving toxins.

We also discuss the need for an Emergency Declaration by the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors, asap! 

There are ample reasons to require well testing for residents along the river as a result of the release of the sediments down the Klamath River.

Well testing costs money that many citizens on social security do not have, and since this dam removal disaster, with it unintended and unexpected impacts, is a pet-project of Gavin Newsom, this problem needs to land on his desk in the form of the Emergency Declaration by Siskiyou County. This action will also provide a heads-up to the national news media and other counties who might suffer the same fate.

Finally, via the Declaration of an Emergency, we must demand that all remaining lake bottom sediments be core tested to the historical depth (1911) of the sediments. 

This is required to determine any other pollutants present, including DDT, and other toxic algicides used many decades ago to manage algae in the lakes. 

Erosion of the toxic lake bottom clay-mud sediments via precipitation, will annually, cause the ongoing infiltration of clay-mud sediments into the Klamath River, taking with it, various chemicals and heavy metals. This deadly sediment cocktail will undoubtedly adversely impact and/or slow any potential recovery of the Klamath River ecosystem and it’s fishery.

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  1. Kristi Lawrence

    Well said. I would like to encourage everyone to attend the 3/12/2024 meeting with the supervisors.

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