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Talking about saving Wild Horses? Or actually doing it!

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New Article just out at Siskiyou News and Yreka News: 

History tells us all that for the past 30-years, lots of people and wild horse nonprofit Orgs. have been talking about saving wild horses. These Orgs together have received over $100-Million Dollars in that period, supposedly to provide results. So we MUST ask the question:  Why are wild horses worse-off today than ever before!

The answer is sad and simple:  Talk and profiteering for decades by big-dollar nonprofits have accomplished nothing!  And left as is, status quo, the end days for genetically intact and viable wild horses living naturally ‘wild & free’ as wildlife in the wilderness is approaching FAST.

If we are being honest out of respect and in honoring Wild Horses, we have to ask what actually constitutes ‘Saving’ wild horses?  Putting them in corrals is NOT saving ‘wild’ horses. WHY?

The key to honestly answering that question is within the true understanding of what constitutes a ‘Wild’ horse.  And what exactly constitutes natural, sustainable conservation of American wild horses. Genetics and evolution are critical to understanding what is required to prevent the extinction of wild horses.  

The saying keeping them ‘Wild & Free’ is much more than just a maxim.  ‘Wild’ means exactly that. Naturally-living and unmolested by humans. 

Stalking wild horses with high-powered, deadly, gas operated rifles, and shooting them with heavy projectiles filled with chemical sterilants is NOT keeping wild horses ‘wild’ or ‘naturally living’.

Stalking and shooting at horses with these dangerous rifles is harassment and is managing horses via selective breeding using a dangerous chemical. These chemicals end-the natural breeding that is required for continuing the evolutionary life-cycles of wild horses. And keep in the mind, the life-cycle I am speaking of is a critical component of evolution that maintains the genetic vigor of wild horses that is absolutely required for natural, sustainable conservation of wild horses.

Moving horses that are sterilized from one corral to another might save those horses, but it does nothing in regard to the most important holistic consideration of keeping American wild horses living natural lives, wild and free. Moving and maintaining chemically sterilized and castrated horses in corrals may provide those horses with the ability to live-out whatever life they may have left, but they are not ‘wild and free’, nor does that help with the much larger issue is keep wild horses as an integral part of our American wilderness as American wildlife. 

Be Honest, the sustainability of ‘wild and free’ wild horses depends of honestly and avoiding any plan, people or Orgs who are promoting or using so called ‘Fertility Control’ (chemical sterilization) on wild horses. 

Wild Horse Fire Brigade is doing much more than sending emails, writing articles and posting information in social media.

1. Wild Horse Fire Brigade is a leader in the research of wild horses in their wilderness habitat studying their behavioral ecology and ethology using the Goodall Method.

2. Education: Wild Horse Fire Brigade is the only nonprofit that has saved an entire herd of wild horses, and through that landmark achievement, now has the ability to provide university students with the opportunity to study naturally-living wild horses in their natural environment.

3. ReWilding: ReWilding is not moving wild horses from one corral to another. ReWilding is restoring the freedom of a wild horse by reuniting them with their kind in the wilderness, where they can once again, live a life of being truly, ‘Wild & Free’. 

Consider this:

Our nonprofit is less than 2-years old, and was founded upon 8-years of wilderness research and work begun in 2014 by William Simpson. 

Results is all that counts!  A review of the highlights of the accomplishments by Wild Horse Fire Brigadeshows that the donations that have been generously provided have provided REAL results.  Our business model is fully scaleable and with more money, we CAN DO much more!

PLEASE review the highlights of our recent achievements and donate to accelerate SAVING Wild Horses!  HERE–>> https://www.wildhorsefirebrigade.org/why-donate

We are are able to achieve what our budget allows, and our budget is a drop in the bucket compared to wild horse nonprofits (like American Wild Horse Campaign) who have $-millions sitting in the bank ($5-Million+) while they busily help the Bureau of Land Management’s extermination of wild horses via Chemical Sterilization, and misleadingly calling it ‘Fertility Control’ and ‘Contraception’, as if it’s the same as what’s used with humans.  Lies killing horses.

*publishers note: support from the Wild Horse Fire Brigade is much appreciated, enabling me put fuel in my vehicle to cover topics around Siskiyou County.

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