Why Are Counties Dumping Their ‘Constitutional Sheriffs’?

A possible answer to that and other questions of our time may be found in this interesting interview.

Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the Cabal’s Land and Real Estate Stealing Tactics
Following narrative is by SASHA LATYPOVA

The source is at this link:

We talk about the connections between Lahaina and other devastating fires, and their relationship to the WHO/UN agenda

Link to video on Bitchute

Catherine Austin Fitts is a legend that needs no introduction. She has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience, both as an investment banker and working in government, and then being prosecuted by the government (former Assistant Secy of Housing) for trying to uncover and fight corruption. She is currently the publisher of the Solari Report.

I set up this conversation because I wanted to learn about the tactics that the criminal mafia posing as US federal and state governments are currently using against the people. We focus on the US, but many of my readers can probably recognize these tactics being applied all over the world. The goal of the criminal cabal is well advertised: “save the planet, reduce carbon” by which they mean “we need all the real assets and resources for ourselves, and fewer of you plebs around”.

While this attitude toward the people has been consistent, they have been very careful in hiding the true intent behind nice sounding slogans. This is easy to do when the times are good, financially speaking. When the bubble is being inflated by the central banking hot air, few people will question it or look too closely at the financial machinations. CAF did and was prosecuted for it.

The times are different now. We are at the end of the financial musical chairs game. All that “leverage” is about to un-lever very rapidly, the fake money will turn out to be, well – fake! The cabal are desperate to grab the real stuff. Attractive land is some of the most “real” of the real stuff. They are quite willing to burn and murder for it, as we have seen in Lahaina, HI, Paradise, CA and elsewhere.

Below is a note from Catherine on the tactics the government typically uses to drive people off the land they want and into the “enclosures” they prepare for them. This approach has been uses consistently, starting with the Native Americans, continuing with the poor black and immigrant neighborhoods, and now into the middle class areas that billionaires desire:

Moving people to quarantine is good if you want to install things – but if you are stealing real estate it gets pretty obvious pretty quick. Better to scare them out so they pay their own expenses of going elsewhere. As much as possible, you want “free range” solutions.

Based on what I saw at HUD and during the pandemic, tactics depend on local jurisdictions (local laws, local resources) as well as the covert operations they choose to use locally at the same time. The success of the operations depend on several lines acting in concert: intelligence/surveillance, government in health area, banks and insurance companies, media, real estate developers and investors. This coordination already exists in the management of places, but it is hard for most people to see or fathom. The sweet spot is the amount of real estate that can be picked up and the capital gains this translated into for investors, public traded company etc and the political donations that flow to politicians from capital gains.

Tactics revolve around various options of getting fee title to land and real estate:

  1. Force a sale: Do things that shut down private business and personal income and or lower the value of the real estate (including by radically increasing costs, like cost of remediation or requiring installation in new sewer systems or equipment etc) and/or permit the cancellation of insurance. A lot of helpful tactics can be applied through lenders, banks and insurance providers who are playing ball.
  2. Condemnation to deal with “pathogens” [this is what WHO Pandemic Treaty aims to do among other enslavement things]
  3. Eminent domain – prices will be much lower presumably after the “pathogens” are found
  4. Emergency money to help – except all the money goes to “insiders” who are moving in or are playing local person helping the insiders move in and take over
  5. Supporting media- very gaslighting – see video here for example https://home.solari.com/deep-state-tactics-101-part-iii-with-catherine-austin-fitts/
  6. Poisoning – poisoning of individuals or failures of water systems will cause disability and death which are likely to force sales

In all cases you want to keep things as complex as possible under the guise of “helping” – you will have heavy surveillance of all parties and your covert operations and media in combination can take care of isolating or compromising individual parties who are slowing you down or stopping you. Covert operations will by and large be done by or through corporate contractors and mob (drug cartels)

I suspect they have perfected a lot of the tactics using response to weather warfare “natural disasters”.

In closing, quoting Catherine, you have to be a wealth builder in your mind. You cannot succumb to the mentality of doom and victimhood, no matter what. I hope we have conveyed this in our discussion.
As always, please share with your friends and family. We discussed several approaches to stay safe and preserve your assets/rights. Do not get into “we are doomed” mindset. We are not doomed. We have solutions, we can work with what we have and build resilient support networks. Most importantly, as you shake the sleepers out of their stupor, the cabal loses more and more of its willing foot soldiers. Do not comply.
Art for today: Commissioned portrait, Frederick Douglass, oil on panel, 16×20 in.

Our County needs all it’s remaining leaders as well as concerned citizens to step up to the plate and start supporting the people willing to lead, and do so now, while there’s still a bit of sand in our local hourglass here in Siskiyou County.

Capt. William E. Simpson II – USMM Ret.
Founder – Exec. Director – Wild Horse Fire Brigade
Ethologist – Author – Conservationist  
Wild Horse Ranch

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