Community Event, Siskiyou

Lane Street Diaper Derby has two winners at 2023 Siskiyou Golden Fair!

YREKA – The 2023Siskiyou Golden Fair Diaper Derby was provided with two $50.00 gift cards and the derby was divided into two heats and crowned two champions for 2023. 

In heat one – Harper Wolf, the 11-month-old daughter of Rose Wolf of Yreka, was the fastest to race across the carpet to victory. Harper appeared to have been training for the competition since learning to crawl a few months ago. Congratulations to Harper, one of our youngest Champions at the 2023 fair.

In heat two – Ellen Munson, the 10-month-old daughter of Dakota Munson of Fort Jones, left the carpet smoking as she made her way to victory by a large margin. Ellen had prepared for the competition by practicing the bear crawl technique and taking regular naps. Since Ellen is 10 months old, she is the 2023 youngest Champion at the Siskiyou Golden Fair. Thanks to all the competitors, I hope you become life-long fairgoers. 

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