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Arrested at the End of the McCloud Lumberjack Fiesta Festival

Rolfe Dalleske was not arrested at Hoo Hoo Park. He was in McCloud by the McCloud Market after the festival. I guess they were just watching him at the park.

After over a year, Rolfe Dalleske was arrested for DUI with a 0.08 % alcohol level and numerous other charges including involuntary manslaughter, child cruelty/pos injury/death, and 12 counts of providing minors with liquor.

In June of 2022, Dalleske provided alcohol to McCloud students at his home celebrating graduation which led to Jaden Quiring who was 18 at the time, driving his friends home after drinking, crashing his car into a tree killing his friend and fellow graduate, Steven Ramos Jr.

Quiring has already been arrested and is currently serving time for gross vehicular manslaughter.

Dalleske was arrested at the end of the McCloud Lumberjack Fiesta festival at Hoo Hoo Park on Friday evening and remains in custody

How about that for a McCloud Lumberjack Fiesta writeup!


  1. Dennise I Toreson

    Great Job !!!! My heart is so so HAPPY! Jaden may get a reduced sentence now so let’s all keep praying for that young amazing man. We need Jaden home. Great Job Shareen. I feel bad for Rolfe but, HE NEVER QUIT providing alcohol to minors after that terrible accident. God bless Steven and his family. McCloud has had a tough year so far.

    • You do know that at the beginning of your letter you said that he was not arrested the fiesta,but at the market. Then at the end you said that he was. Might want to fix that . It’s confusing. So what ones the truth? The market or fiesta?

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