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4th Annual McCloud Treasure Hunt

This year winner of the 4th Annual McCloud Treasure Hunt.
Even though this is the 4th annual treasure hunt, Quentin Zahara put on 6 hunts in the last 4 years!

An estimate that there were about 200 treasure seekers this year looking for it.

“People check in with me if they find the treasure. Some check in to try and get more hints. But never works.”

Quentin Zahara

The winner found the correct key on day three

Based on the red cloud district of mccloud. Collee found the key that Madam Main had and that opened the lock to the treasure.

The other keys found were the key of Helen Hoo Hoo. Found at the park by Mason Ingram. False Key.
The key of Candy Colombero. Found by Austin Browder at the Calavary Church. Also a false key.
The 3rd key was found by Miss Juls Major of SoJourn Coffee. Found outside in her patio area. Also a false key.

In the end, Coller found the 4th key that opened the lock and won the treasure. This year was 1200 dollars in cash and about 400 dollars in gift certificates.

The treasure hunt was on July 9th at 9 AM

The end.

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  1. Bobbie Zahara-Minear

    Great job. Enjoy reading about our little community. Also enjoy the history of McCloud no matter what it is.

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