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“Siskiyou Nights and Carnival Lights” Contracts – Bids & Applications for 2023 Siskiyou Golden Fair 

2023 is the 164th years since the first fair in Siskiyou County was held in Fort Jones in 1859! 

The 2023 Siskiyou Golden Fair “Siskiyou Nights and Carnival Lights” will run August 9-13 in Yreka.

“Siskiyou Nights and Carnival Lights” in need of Award Donors

The Siskiyou Golden Fair is truly a community event and relies on the support of our partners to ensure that our exhibitors, young and young at heart are rewarded for their successes. 

2023 is the 164th years since the first fair in Siskiyou County was held in Fort Jones in 1859! The Siskiyou Golden Fair continues this long tradition and continues to rely on community support to give awards each year.

The buckles awarded at the 2023 fair for all junior market animals, showmanship winners and horse show divisions will represent countless hours of work and dedication to an agricultural project and teach life skills that cannot be developed any other way.  Ribbons are also handed out in all categories and displayed on the still exhibits. The 10th District Board of Directors and the staff of the Siskiyou Golden Fair have made a commitment to continue this tradition to our exhibitors even with all the challenges we continue to face.  

We sincerely appreciate donations of any size, there is no minimum or maximum amount required. If you wish to participate in the 2023 awards program the donation form is on our website, you can call the fair office at 530-842-2767 for assistance or email [email protected].

The theme of the 2023 Siskiyou Golden Fair is Siskiyou Nights and Carnival Lights and plans are underway to guarantee memories that will last a lifetime! See you at the fair – August 9-13, 2023 in Yreka!

Golden Fair Accepting Applications For Vendors

The 2023 Siskiyou Golden Fair, the longest running and largest event in Siskiyou County has posted vendor applications to our web page, for the 2023 fair season. The  Commercial and Concession vendor applications are for inside and outside for the August 9-13 run. “This is the best Siskiyou County opportunity to get you products or business in front of a crowd,” stated Cliff Munson, CEO, “with nearly 50,000 patrons annually, our fair exceeds the county population by almost 10,000 folks”. The fair has four sycamore shaded malls and the Commercial building and that are filled with opportunity each year. 


The Siskiyou Golden Fairground is soliciting proposals from recognized Siskiyou County non-profit organizations for the operation of beer concessions at the annual fair. This revenue generating opportunity is made available to local service and non-profit groups as part of the fair’s continuing effort to contribute to the local economy. 

Bidding is on a per-keg basis and the process includes an evaluation of the proposals including the offer per keg, willingness to serve selected beers, price of beer sold, past experience in operating concessions of this type, and further financial consideration such as sponsorships, booth maintenance, etc. 

Proposals are to be presented on fair forms only. Any qualified non-profit organization that would like the opportunity to submit a bid may pick up the necessary information and forms at the fair office during regular business hours Monday through Friday. 

Deadline for bids will be 2:00PM on March 17, 2023. Bids will be opened and scored by a committee of the fair’s Board of Directors. Final selection and awarding of the contracts will be made by the full Board of Directors. 

Mother’s Day Market Applications Available Online

The 2023 Mother’s Day Market applications are available online now for Saturday May 13 and Sunday May 14 at the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds. The market will fill acres of outdoor space and have something for everyone! We encourage all local small businesses to get a booth for both action- packed days. Included in this weekend are the NORCAL Invitational Chainsaw Carving Championships that will include champion carvers from around the country, live music, and the  Siskiyou Golden Jackpot that will have junior cattle exhibitors from across the Western States. With more than 5000 visitors to the grounds this weekend, it is the place to be! 

Applications are online at For more information, contact the fair office at 842-2767 or [email protected]. The 2023 Siskiyou Golden Fair “Siskiyou Nights and Carnival Lights” will run August 9-13 in Yreka.

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