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Wouldn’t it be Nice

📸 Weed Mercantile Mall

There is a building on Main Street in Weed, California that was once a mercantile store.  At the entrance to the building above in black lettering showcases what was once inside. An ice cream parlor, art and craft supply store with clothing apparel and toys.  The mercantile store was once the location to the Weed Revitalization Coalition and Community Resource Center. I am told the building is now being used for Mill Fire donations that will be given to families that have been displaced by the fire. What was once a store that catered to the vibrancy of Weed’s local community is now a space filled with clothing and home necessities eagerly waiting to be picked up by people in need.  There is plenty of donations to choose from and although its services are needed the building seems to only have a few people through the day skimming through racks, boxes and crates.

Next to the mercantile store is a restaurant with the best Vietnamese Pho soup I have ever tasted.  It must be the homemade bone marrow broth that makes it so good.  On the other side of the mercantile store is a dance studio.  As of now the dance studio is being used for more donated items to Mill Fire survivors.  I was told that an additional “16 totes” would be coming in this Thursday.  

But, there is talk that the dance studio is coming back! I have heard that the dance studio will be cleaned and ready for dance classes by mid-February.  Wouldn’t it be nice! 

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