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Introducing The Well

By Savannah Kenny, FNP

The Well – Where Healing Runs Deep

My colleagues and I are proud to announce the opening of our clinic, The Well. We are an Integrative Medicine Clinic that operates as a private membership association.

The Well – Where Healing Runs Deep

My colleagues and I are proud to announce the opening of our clinic, The Well. We are an Integrative Medicine Clinic that operates as a private membership association. We offer primary and integrative care to our members and operate on a fee for service/cash based model. Alongside primary and integrative care visits we offer physical therapy, emotional support and natural, innovative healing solutions such as Equiscope conveniently in one location. We are a healing ministry that operates in the private domain with a mission to help people find health and healing through individualized treatment plans that empower people to take control of their total being – mind, body and spirit. 

As a group of health care practitioners, we combine classical and modern methods to provide a whole approach to health care that is tailored to each individual. We do not avoid standard medical therapies but we also recognize their limitations and the under utilization of alternative and lifestyle therapies. So, while we can write the prescription for your blood pressure medicine we would rather figure out why you have high blood pressure and address the root cause. We believe that each person is unique and deserves an individualized plan that best meets their needs. You can learn more about our clinic by visiting our website at:

New Year, New You? 

The cliche phrase of New Years certainly has a nice ring. Many people decide to make healthy changes and start a new resolution with the new year. As healthcare increasingly promotes “Wellness” it begs the question: How do you become “Well”? What does that even mean these days? According to mainstream medicine, wellness means getting your colonoscopy and controlling your blood pressure. According to the online dictionary “wellness” is described as the state of being in good physical and mental health. I would argue that the absence of disease doesn’t convey the full meaning of wellness. Being “well” means thriving in all aspects of life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Many of us settle for being sick and tired because there are too many conflicting opinions on how to be healthy. Doctors, celebrities, social media personas – everyone seems to have strong (and often opposing) beliefs on the best way to be “well”. Many of these “experts” also have a product to sell you (which is no coincidence). 

My experience treating patients in primary care has taught me that it is often the patient’s decision to change that is more powerful than any medication I can prescribe. Whether people have multiple, complex issues or are just looking to improve their health, my advice is always the same: start with the basics. You cannot build a house without laying a foundation and you cannot improve your health by just taking a pill without addressing your daily habits. This is an abbreviated list of the top recommendations I “prescribe” to every patient to address basic health: 

  • Heal your gut. Eat more fiber, take a probiotic, and avoid processed foods.
  • Get enough sleep. Everyone should get 7-9 hours per night. 
  • Move your body every day. No, getting up for bathroom breaks isn’t enough.
  • Choose to be happy. Do at least one activity every day that brings you joy.
  • Avoid inflammation & oxidative stress. Sugar, processed foods, environmental toxins – the list of potential culprits is long and the exposure is cumulative.
  • Supplement your diet. Everyone should take an Omega 3 supplement.
  • Re-evaluate your drugs. If you’ve been on medication for 10+ years it is worth reassessing if the same drugs are still needed. 
  • Go outside everyday. For your mental health.
  • Eat food without a label. Meat, vegetables, eggs, water etc. Avoid packaged and processed foods. 
  • Build your relationships. Meaningful, personal relationships are more protective of your mental health than any pill or powder.
  • Take responsibility for your choices. Small changes done on a daily basis add up to new habits.

Over the coming year, I will explore each of these points in detail.

My colleagues will also be contributing articles regarding their specialties.

“Do you want to be made well?”

John 5:6

The past several years have been dark times for many people for many different reasons.  Through the turmoil I was blessed to meet others in healthcare who not only shared my beliefs but also saw what was going wrong in healthcare. Together we decided to build something new and we are proud to offer a different approach. The pandemic has been a wake up call to many of us that it is time to prioritize our health and wellness and to grow together as a community. If you are ready to make positive changes and looking for real solutions for your health there is no better time than now. You weren’t meant to settle for being sick. You were created to be Well. 

If there is a topic you would like to see us discuss or if you have any questions about our clinic, please email us at: [email protected]

or call us at: (530) 572-1566.

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