Reported by, Lorenzo Love

Yreka City Council Chamber, 701 Fourth Street, Yreka, CA

Regular Meetings of the Yreka City Council are held the 1 st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, but for the cancellation of the meeting on September 6, 2022.

The full agenda packet can be found on the City’s website: www.ci.yreka.ca.us/AgendaCenter

Discussion Regarding an Updated Comprehensive Fee Schedule

This is when you can talk to the City Council about the new fees. Like the Water Efficient Landscaping Documentation Review for $2,500.00.

Like a Boundary Line Adjustment fee of $4,661.00.

Like a Sandwich Signboard fee in the Historic District of $315.00.

Like a $100 dog license by 2027.

Like a $234.45 annual animal livestock license for chickens.

Much of these fees are to cover the cost of staff time to the tune of thousands of dollars in some cases, yet the staff time is already paid by the city budget paid by our taxes.

If we are going to go to an à la carte system of paying for what we use, then why are we paying taxes too? But they want us to pay again.

They are double dipping right out of our pockets. Why? Because they think they can.

Large corporations have no problem paying the increased rates. But for local mom and pop businesses, it can mean success or failure. These fees are inflationary, bad for business, bad for homeowners, bad for anyone who owns an animal, bad for Yreka.

Don't take my word for it. Read it for yourself at:



This is all from the planning department, not the Council. Most of the Council were shocked at the sharp increase in fees. One was ready to rubber stamp it. This is your chance to say what you think. Come to the meetings. Call your Councilmembers. The actual vote won't be until the next regular meeting on September 20.


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