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Report on Yreka Council meeting 30 Aug & Report on Yreka Special City Council meeting 31 Aug

By Lorenzo Love

Report on Yreka Council meeting 30 Aug

Siskiyou County Economic Development Council Updates – SCEDC Staff


Small Business Association – Office of Disaster Assistance, Mr. Richard Tillery


2022-2030 Housing Element Draft Review Session

The planning director promises that this won't be just squirreled away and ignored like all the others. The city will follow it this time. Really.Sure.


Report on Yreka Special City Council meeting 31 Aug

Discussion Regarding an Updated Comprehensive Fee Schedule

No one except my wife and myself bothered to show up, so I guess everyone is happy about all the building and administrative fees jumping up sharply.

I argued that it wasn't fair to treat little mom and pop businesses the same as businesses like Walmart. I said there should be exceptions for small locally owned businesses.

The Council generally agreed in principle but no. Too much like work to figure out who should get the exceptions. Councilmember McCoy was particularly callous about the cost to small businesses. His attitude was if you can't afford it, don't get into business.

So a little gift shop on Miner St pays the same as Walmart. Sometimes more because it's in a historic district. So much for all the pro-business rhetoric from the city.

Animal fees: The chicken fee isn't an annual animal livestock license as they had it before. It's just a one-time $234.45 fee for any number of chickens. Sooo much better.

There are separate laws regarding where and how many chickens you can have.

Dog licenses were a hot topic. The Planning Director maintains the fiction that there is 80% compliance with dog licenses, even in the homeless community. Everyone was concerned about strays running loose and the number of unaltered dogs. A compromise was worked out. Instead of jumping up to $40 for altered dogs next year, it will be $35. But for unaltered dogs it will no longer be double but triple.

So it will be $105 for an unaltered dog next year. After that, the fee should go up by $2 a year for 5 years for an altered dog. so I guess $45 for an altered dog and $135 for an unaltered dog by 2027.

I suggest triple for unaltered dogs so you can blame me for that. Get your dog fixed.

The City Manager and I both asked for something to be done about the unlicensed breeders adding to the dog overpopulation problem.

There was more. Where were you?

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