Siskiyou, South County, Yreka

#McKinney Fire Beyond Words When Plume Collapsed Causing The Fire To Become Deadly.

This occurs when fire is in heavy fuels and sends up a massive plume…. then the fire enters an area of light fuels causing the plume to collapse much like a building collapse. It sends out an ember cloud for miles.

Interview with Jon whom took this video while responding to the fire with another engine on day one. This video was taken around 9 pm between Walker Rd. and the Klamath River Hall, Just before it jumped the line. I meet Jon while taking pictures of the dozer line and hand crews working up Mill Creek Rd in Scott Bar, California

His happiness for life and commitment to the community is inspiring. Siskiyou strong

It has been one week and the progress made on putting this monster to bed is not over. This truly has been a battle for the books, the hardworking fire crews, leadership, and command has been amazing to witness.

I was on the fire line for shift change watching this young man from Los Padres Hot Shots come off the hill.

At the end of a grueling day running a chainsaw he took the time to pose for the camera. This is the Spirit of a person that enjoys doing what he loves.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to a dangerous job.

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