Sen. Dahle: California Headed for ‘Cruel Summer’ with Budget Woes

SACRAMENTO, CA – Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) released the following statement regarding the 2024-25 Budget passed by the Legislature: 

“The numbers were deftly manipulated to balance the budget, but the devil is in the details.  This budget includes tax increases, higher fees, reductions to services for veterans, and cuts over $800 million from the California Department of Corrections, further exacerbating California’s public safety crisis,” stated Dahle. “California’s budget spends almost $300 billion, and Legislative Democrats are asking for more money from voters on November’s ballot to fund their special projects.”

How we got here: 

California has experienced a $162 billion budget swing over the past two years, going from a $100 billion surplus to a $62 billion hole. State spending has increased 158 percent over the last ten years, with Sacramento Democrats having sole control of every phase of the budget process starting in 2011. During that time, General Fund spending has grown 2.5 times, rising from $86 billion to $222 billion, but the state population only grew by 4 percent. 

Governor Newsom has until July 1 to sign or veto the budget bills. 

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