CALFIRE Helicopter Surveying Klamath River For Viable Spots to Draft Water

The CALFIRE Helicopter seen attempted to draft water near Jenny Creek and then moved down the river attempting to sample drafting at other locations. The problem I think they found is that due to shallow depths, the water pump was taking-in damaging silt with water. Silt will damage the equipment and take a fire helicopter off the flight-line. 

Silt in the Klamath River has damaged, and continues to impact irrigators pumps along the Klamath River. Silt builds up quickly in water lines and causes cavitation damage to the impeller blades of pumps as well as to the pump shaft seals.


  1. Blah blah blah. The river is fine. He is a trouble maker. He is very rude and displays animosity towards native folks and he mixes horses dependant on people with the wild herd. This is not safe practice. I checked with Heartland Ranch in Canada.

  2. Sandy Farmer

    William Simpson II, you are a remarkable person and a great asset to this community and thank you for all you do.. You bring to light what is really going on with the Klamath river and the impact on the wild life because of the removal of these dams.. The real story has not happen yet to the area due to the removal of these dams ..Time will tell of what the impact will truly be..

    • Thank you Sandy! Regarding PR story by CALFIRE… they aren’t going to say or publish that they are needing to prospect for potential drafting locations proximate to Copco Lake Community / Copco Lake Community Club, KRCE/Hornbrook Neighborhood Watch, KRCE OWNERS ASSOCIATION (bulletin board) #theBB and Iron Gate Estates. ‘Turn-time’ on attack helicopters is critical for several reasons (which you need to go learn for yourself… and btw. I am a commercial instrument turbine-rated helicopter pilot with thousands of hours)… Having close access to a good water source reduces ‘turn-time’ for the Helos and enhances suppression efforts. As the river gets lower with the progression of summer, the shallow spots will become untenable. Even with ‘hard-faced’ seal pumps, sediment presents a problem beyond seal and shaft failures. Recently there was a photo of a large excavator in the middle of the Klamath River digging a hole in the sediments. That was a hole they may have used for the COD Fire. Water access is and will continue to be an issue regardless of trolls say or think. I was on the Klamathon Fire with the Camp Creek commanders for 9-days as their ‘technical advisor’. We had 3-4 attack helos drafting *at the same time* in the lake by the Camp Creek parking lot. Turn-time to the big burn up on Lone Pine ridge was just 4-minutes, which allowed us to put a lot of water on that fire FAST. I interviewed the Fresno Battalion Commander, Mike Alforque during the fire and he confirmed the fast turn times from Iron Gate Lake. I also provided information to CALFIRE Fresno and NPS uniform-trainee Randal during the fire on the micro-climate up here in the canyon. That was my most recent wildfire experience (2018)… VIDEOS: 1) 2) Calfire Updates #CALFIRE

  3. This story as told by the author is false. Go to Calfire website on facebook for real truth. Water draws fron Klamath River were successful.

  4. Nick Corcovelos

    Mr Simpson, you still have yet to answer my question. Per my post on Facebook, are you upset that you got the short end of an Accord? Because historically speaking, that is routine when it comes to sovereign land. Do you feel you got the short end of the stick?

  5. Joshua Israel

    Mr. Simpson, great video footage. Continue to get the word out!!! I guarantee you they’re coming for the Lower Snake River Dams next!!! Lower Columbia River Dams from Bonneville to McNary Dam will also be in their sights. Klamath River Dam Removals was a test case!!! Lord help us all.

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