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Hey Siskiyou County friends!

Get ready to dive into a hidden gem from our very own Scott Valley! Picture this: 40 years ago, a quirky cartoon character named Jose’ brought laughter and joy to our community. Fast forward to today, and guess who’s got their hands on a treasure trove of Jose’ cartoons? That’s right—yours truly!

I’ve been entrusted with this secret stash, originally created for the Pioneer Press, and let me tell you, it’s like stumbling upon a time capsule filled with giggles. As I flipped through these gems, I found the perfect cartoon to reintroduce Jose’ to the world. It’s like finding an old friend who still knows how to make you laugh until your sides hurt.

Stay tuned, because Jose’ is making a comeback! Get ready to relive some classic humor and perhaps discover why this character was such a beloved part of Scott Valley history. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

Cheers to laughter and nostalgia,
Jay A. Martin
Publisher of Siskiyou News

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