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Letter to Editor: To Whom it May Concern

*Publishers Note: Reply to letter included at the end.

To Whom it May concern,

I’ve been following the election for supervisor that has resulted in a runoff between Colleen Crebbin Alvarez and Jess Harris. I’ve been trying to make my selection based on how I want to be represented and I have some real concerns. Unfortunately, there have been no debates, so I have not been able to get these questions answered, so I’m writing this letter because there are some extremely concerning issues surrounding one of the candidates.

I find it interesting when a candidate has posted videos that give a bit of insight into their real intentions. But with the content of Colleen Alvares’ videos, I’m more alarmed than interested.

I think what first brought my attention to the candidate was adding her maiden name in order to attract ranching voters even claims of being a rancher herself. She actually leases her whole ranch out, that’s sort of a moot point, but it did make me wonder what else was being glossed over.

Then I found the video series like the example linked below. Ms. Alvarez claims to be a prophet for the Bethel Church and has her own ministry. As my curiosity grew, I did a bit of research on the Bethel Church. A few glaring points are the school that they run that is called the “Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry”.

Wikipedia describes the Bethel Church as follows, “ Bethel Church focuses on miracles. It teaches that all miracles described in the Bible can be performed by believers today and happen regularly, including faith healing of everything from curing cancer to regrowing limbs, raising the dead, speaking in tongues, casting out demons and prophecy.  Services may have congregants laughing uncontrollably, lying on the floor, shaking, staggering, screaming, and dancing, which they teach are signs of being filled with the Holy Spirit. Leaders claim to have witnessed angels appearing and “balls of electricity” that throw people into the air.” This is just the beginning.

Based on the YouTube series she filmed, Ms. Alvares appears to buy in to these beliefs with an additional reference to being the offspring of freemasons and one of their Prophets.

I have nothing against freedom of religion, but I have a strong concern for the decision making ability of my representatives in office. I seriously question Ms. Alvarez ability to make decisions I personally align with, and ability to use reasonable and practical judgement. I suspect I’m not alone in this conclusion.

Please feel free to view the following video and conclude for yourself. As for me, I will be voting for Jess Harris in the next election because I know his decisions will be based using a combination of his experience, ethics and education.

Kendra Oliver

Link to video:

I reached out to Colleen Alvarez for comment, this was her reply: 

 “The information in the letter is not accurate nor tells the truth.
Running a race without slander is important. I  believe in the freedom of speech, however slander is not truth. While everyone is welcome to their opinion, I believe this is where America needs to start with reform. “


  1. Debbie Nilsson

    I have known Colleen for probably 20 plus years. She is very principled and highly ethical and intelligent. She will make good decisions for our county. My husband also knew her parents who owned the ranch that she currently lives on. Although she is not currently ranching herself, she has been raised with it her whole life. I also have my doubts about Bethel, but I know Colleen loves the Lord and wants to honor him and all she does.

    • This woman comes off as unhinged at best. Why would anyone want a theocrat to represent them in any elected position. Would you feel the same if she wasn’t Christian?

  2. Kendra Oliver

    Debbie, then how do you explain the bizarre video series that she has out on YouTube? It’s funny because I’ve been asking these questions for a while and nobody from her side. Seems to want to explain it. Can you explain her role in the Bethel Church? Can you explain their leaf system?. Knowing her parents doesn’t Answer any of those questions.

  3. Kathleen Dugan

    This is typical Bethel behavior. Obfuscate who you really are, act like you really do care about the community while offering zero substance to confirm it. The entire purpose of Bethel is exactly this: to infiltrate school boards and public office to enlarge their base. Frightening.

  4. I’m down in eastern Shasta County. I know people from here who went up there today for an event to support her. They are Bethel people and they have a goal of influencing elections everywhere to fulfill prophetic destiny. Word to the wise: keep Bethel out of your community

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