Toxic Sediment Deposits in the Now Exposed Lake Bottoms

KRRC & RES want people to stop thinking about what’s happening at the toxic sediment deposits in the now exposed lake bottoms.

CDM Smith’s fall 2011 study shows there are numerous bio-accumulative toxins sitting in the Millions of cubic yards of sediments that KRRC & RES planted… NOW WHAT?

HERE’S WHAT’s NEXT according to Science!

Deer, Elk, cattle and horses, along with numerous other animals will be eating the plants and grasses growing out of the toxic sediments. The list includes numerous smaller animals and even insects (bees and pollinators) can bio-accumulate and bio-amplify toxins into other fauna…

KRRC & RES apparently think (by their actions) that people in Siskiyou and surrounding Counties are just dumb hayseeds… and are treating people like that by trying to cover-up or twist the truth.

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  1. Scott Holmes

    I am interested in ongoing real information about this “renewal” of the Klamath river but it’s difficult to get your thoughts in this on the internet so it seems.

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