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Month-Long Search for Missing Individual Ends in Tragedy

Pending Siskiyou County Sheriff Corners Report

After an exhaustive month-long search, the community of Hornbrook is grappling with the devastating news that Chance Hind, who had been missing for several weeks, was found deceased. The discovery was made on Saturday by Tristin Bunce and Sita Silva, two individuals who had been tirelessly seeking information and assistance from locals in the search for Hind.

The circumstances surrounding Hind’s disappearance had been a source of concern for the community, and the search efforts were marked by a sense of urgency and hope for his safe return. However, the tragic outcome has left many in shock and mourning.

Bunce and Silva came upon Hind’s remains in a remote area of Hornbrook. The condition of the body indicated that it had been there for an extended period, although the exact time frame has not been determined. The discovery was reported to the authorities, who are currently awaiting identification confirmation through dental records. However, Bunce and Salva have expressed a strong belief that it is indeed their friend and “brother,” Chance Hind.

In a heartfelt statement, Sita Silva and Tristin Bunce shared their grief with the community: “It is with a shattered heart that we found our dear brother Chance. It was not the outcome we wanted but knew was a possibility.” They emphasized the importance of respecting the ongoing investigation by the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) and refraining from speculation during this difficult time.

The SCSO has taken over the investigation to determine the cause and circumstances of Hind’s death. They are conducting a thorough investigation to provide answers to the grieving family and community.

As the news spreads, there is a collective sense of loss among those who knew Hind. Bunce and Silva expressed a poignant farewell to their friend: “We found you, Brother; your soul is now free. Prayers for every single one of us, and may you finally be at peace.”

The community is now coming together to support one another in the face of this tragedy and to honor the memory of Chance Hind. Further details will be released as the investigation progresses and more information becomes available.

Saturday May 18th, 5pm
Montague City Park
come and share memories and laugh about the good times, ALL B.s. ASIDE THIS IS NOT ABOUT ANY OF US BUT ALL ABOUT CHANCE !!

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  1. You will be missed by all of us that knew you RIP kid

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