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On May 11th, 2024 I published an article by William E. Simpsom II

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The article “WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE, PRESERVATIONISTS DON’T NEED ENEMIES” by George Wuerthner, published on The Wildlife News, attempts to disparage Vermont University’s criticism of the poor management of the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument (CSNM). However, it is revealed that The Wildlife News is actually a project of Sage Steppe Wild, where Wuerthner himself is the President. This lack of transparency calls into question the credibility of the article and its author.

Wuerthner’s “one-shoe fits all” approach to preservation and wildlife management fails to consider the economic and political realities. The author, William E. Simpson II, who has lived and studied the CSNM ecosystem for a decade, argues that proper wild horse management can benefit all stakeholders, including taxpayers, ranchers, and wilderness advocates. 

Simpson’s firsthand experience includes serving as a technical advisor to CALFIRE during the 2018 Klamathon Fire, documenting the benefits of wild horse grazing in creating firebreaks and safe zones. He has also conducted a 5-year study on the ecological benefits of heritage horses in the CSNM, which was published by ReWilding Europe.

In contrast, Wuerthner appears to have little genuine empirical experience in forest management, wildfires, or wild horses. Simpson questions Wuerthner’s knowledge of wolves, arguing that their reintroduction in livestock production areas is ecologically and economically problematic.

The heritage horses have been present in the CSNM for 440 years, making them an integral part of the region’s natural history and tradition. Simpson’s extensive documentation and experience in the area provide a more informed perspective on the management of the CSNM and the role of wild horses in the ecosystem.

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  1. Susan Houg

    Just read an article about Simpson’s wild horses in ENJOY magazine, a free publication out of Redding. In the interview, he offers details about how the wild horses benefit the environment, especially as concerns wild fire prevention.

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