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Commentary: The Klamath River has been named 2024 “River of the Year”

The Klamath River has been named 2024 “River of the Year” by American Rivers, River Champion’s also named include Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. 

I just wish American Rivers had mentioned Ronnie Pierce who is the pivotal person who got dam removal going and positioned Troy and Leaf to, with an assist from the direct action folks and others, get the job done.

I also hope that American Rivers and others don’t declare victory and move on. The Klamath is not fixed; water quality and inadequate flows remain major impediments to healthy river ecosystems supporting healthy fisheries.

I’d like to see the Yurok, Karuk and Hoppa Tribes now join together and bring us all together to finally address the issue of Klamath River flows. When and where will the first meeting be held?   
I guess Warren gets the award for engineering a sweetheart deal whereby he and his co-investors got to walk away from obsolete dams they owned, leaving the cost and completion of removal to the taxpayers, ratepayers and an NGO. Sweet!

This just proves that in America we have a filthy rich ruling class which gets vastly preferential treatment in all matters. Will Warren also get to rewrite history according to the counter-factual narrative he is promoting with the help of Frankie Myers and others? Or will Warren and Berkshire-Hathaway now help us fix the water quality? 

Don’t hold your breath.

I wish Warren could at least keep the electric on in Klamath Glen!
Yes, I AM a cynical old man. 



  1. Amen …

  2. Breaching of the dams has been a major wildlife fiasco! I can’t see any good coming out of it and there has been so much wildlife death. it is tragic!

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