OPINION: blatant in our face election interference

suggest we push back with Judicial Watch and/or any other form we can place our hands on.   This is a blatant in our face election interference which will be felt outside the city of San Fransico.  A few of the decision made at the local level influenced by a commissioner are:

  1. Purge and revise poll books
  2. Revision of Registration Books and Pollbooks
  3. Review/accept/deny applicant registration 
  4. Determine appeal of denied voter registration
  5. Determine Candidate qualifications 
  6. Determine appointing of poll managers
  7. Distribution of ballots/ballot boxes
  8. Counting of votes

City of San Fransico is the seed to the rest of the county taking this as a bad trend of non-Americans having influences in America.   I have attached a print screen of my contact information with the url address.   Pass it on to others who an voice their opinion.


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