Update: The Drained Lakes on Klamath River?

Sad Remains of a Once Beautiful Lake

Cover Credit: Matt Menne, Matt reportedly took these pictures around Klamathon Bridge Feb 3rd, 2024

Talk about the destruction of wildlife habitat! This has to take the cake!

What’s left of Iron Gate Lake… a thin ribbon of water flowing through extensive deadly mud flats. 

What’s left of Iron Gate Lake… extensive clay-mud flats and a ribbon of water. Photo: William E. Simpson II

These deep mud flats were NOT washed away as planned by the ‘experts’ at KRRC and RES, even with all the water they could muster to blast down the canyon… 

This presents yet another ‘unexpected’ problem. Now what? What’s Next?

It’s ludicrous for CDFW, KRRC or RES to state they didn’t expect wildlife (and potentially horses) to end up in the deadly hazard presented by this sticky sloppy mess! 

Dead fish and dying fish struggling in the toxic sediment in the remains of Iron Gate Lake. Photo: William E. Simpson II

This video shows the deadly sediments and a few of the tens of thousands of dying fish:

Drone Video: William E. Simpson II

Now, these mud flats are going to remain, possibly for decades, trapping animals, and as it slowly erodes year after year, releasing more and more sediments and pollution.

This type of clay-mud sediment expands and contracts in response to water content.  As it goes through its cycle of expansion and contraction, it will continue eroding and depositing more sediment into the river along with the formerly sequestered anthropogenic pollutants.

Hard to see, a fawn who struggled in the cold mud and died painfully. Photo: Dima

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