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BREAKING: Professor and Election Expert J. Halderman Hacks into Dominion Voting Machine in Court on Friday USING ONLY A PEN TO CHANGE VOTE TOTALS

Far-left Judge Amy Totenberg sealed and covered up the results of the investigation of Dominion voting machines in Georgia and sat on the report until this week.

The report confirmed that votes can be altered in the Dominion voting machines. In fact, the report revealed that the Dominion software is vulnerable and can be hacked.

Following its release, VoterGA founder Garland Favorito joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the findings from the explosive report.

In an update, election integrity expert Garland Favorito revealed that the severity of the courtroom demonstration regarding Dominion machines hacking and altered tabulations was much more serious than initially reported. The Federal District Court for the Northern District of Georgia unsealed the Halderman Report, a comprehensive 96-page Security Analysis of Georgia’s ImageCast X Ballot Marking Devices, in June 2023. Surprisingly, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had kept this report hidden from the public for two years. The report, a collaboration between University of Michigan Professor J. Alex Halderman and Auburn University Assistant Professor Drew Sringall, exposed numerous exploitable vulnerabilities within the Dominion Voting Systems’ ImageCast X system. However, the report’s release was delayed as Judge Amy Totenberg, with apparent left-leaning views, sealed and concealed the investigation’s findings. Notably, the report confirmed that the Dominion voting machines’ software is susceptible to hacking and vote manipulation. In light of these revelations, VoterGA founder Garland Favorito joined Steve Bannon on on The War Room to discuss the findings from the explosive report.


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