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Smokey Bear Balloon to appear at Montague Hot Air Balloon Fair

Look to the skies September 21-24 to see Smokey Bear larger than life

This weekend at the Montague Airport, spectators will see Smokey Bear fly through the sky with spectacular Mount Shasta as a backdrop. Smokey Bear is recognized by 96% of adults nationwide. He is one of the most recognizable icons of American culture alongside Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse. From September 21 through the 24th, folks at the Montague Hot Air Balloon Fair can look skyward and see his familiar face with trademark hat float by.

The Balloon is run by the Friends of the Smokey Bear Balloon, a volunteer organization based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and travels around the country spreading the message of wildfire prevention.

Facts about the balloon:

  • Holds 145,000 cubic feet of hot air.
  • Is 97 feet tall, including the basket.
  • Measures 72 feet across at Smokey’s hat brim.
  • Is made of 4,670 square yards of nylon and requires 12 to 15 people to set up and inflate.

More information about Smokey Bear Hot Air Balloon can be found at the official Smokey Balloon website:

Smokey Bear is a favorite among children and adults alike. The Smokey Bear wildfire prevention campaign, created in 1944, is the longest-running public service advertising campaign. Looking for a new way to educate and excite the public about fire prevention, the Smokey Hot Air Balloon has enlightened millions of older and younger generations throughout America, Canada, and the world since it’s advent in 1993. Fire prevention is critical in California, which has more than 33 million forested acres. Wildland firefighters have responded to more than 4,936 wildfires in California this year. 

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