Community Event, Siskiyou, South County

Siskiyou Patriots Meeting this Thursday, Aug. 24th

Primaries in CA are now in March!!  There are two conservatives that are running for the board of Supervisor, Dist. 1.  You may not be in that Dist. but every person and vote on that board is important for our future in Siskiyou.  Please plan to attend.   

I have also attached information on the Sept.9th   fund raiser for the Sheriff.  See attachment for the guns and rifles we will have available for you to win.  I will have tickets available for sale at this meeting.  We still need items for the silent auction.  See flyer on who to contact regarding donations. 

Here are the results of the Republican primary presidential straw poll results from the fair…Siskiyou speaks…. 

Trump  178 

Forgot to vote 63 

DeSantis 29 

Tim Scott 12 

Nikki Haley 7 

Mike Pence 5 

Vivek Ramaswamy 5 

Chris Christe 3 

Glen Young King 1 

Doug Burgum 0 

The winner of the chain saw was a man who lost his home last year in the fires. He was delighted.  He saw this win as a sign that his luck was changing!! 

We still need more signatures for the petition urging the Yreka City Council to turn down the grant for Medical Marijuana storehouses in Yreka.  I will have the petition at this meeting in case you didn’t have a chance to sign it at the fair. 

Hope to see you at the meeting. 

In Liberty, 


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