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Siskiyou County Public Health Annual Drive-Thru Flu Shot Clinic: A Point of Dispensing Exercise

Siskiyou County Public Health Press Release

Yreka, Ca. – The Siskiyou County Public Health (SCPH) drive-thru flu shot clinic is coming soon and SCPH wants to let residents know that the drive-thru clinic is conducted as a Point of Dispensing (POD) exercise, which is a practice event to test and prepare for the distribution of essential supplies during emergencies.

SCPH officials are asking community members to make plans to attend this event to help prepare Siskiyou County for emergency and crisis situations.

In a POD exercise, community members are invited to participate by acting as recipients, receiving items like food, water, or medications, as they would in a real crisis. This exercise helps communities understand how a POD would operate, familiarizes them with the distribution process, and identifies potential challenges in advance.

Participation by community members is crucial in these exercises for several reasons. Not only does it help organizations streamline the distribution process, but it also educates the public about what to do in a real-life emergency.

By actively taking part, community members can become better prepared to respond efficiently during actual emergencies, ensuring that essential supplies reach those in need quickly and effectively. The more people are involved, the more realistic the exercise becomes.

The clinic date is dependent on the arrival of the vaccine but is typically held at the beginning of the flu season. When the date is set for this year’s clinic, community members can find the information on the SCPH webpage, the SCPH Facebook page, or on Instagram.

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