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Give 10 to Education

 ‘Give 10 to Education’ is a National Americal Legion Auxiliary program that was started in 2007. At the start of this school year, the McCloud Auxiliary from Post 92 jumped on board and got the community involved to help support the schools and students.  People are to donate 10 of each school item whether it be 10 pencils, 10 3-ring binders, 10 folders, 10 rulers, 10 disinfecting wipes, 10 markers, 10 glue sticks, etc.

This eases the burden on low-income families and supports the local elementary schools with supplies for the students. 

The McCloud Auxiliary spent 5 weeks buying and collecting supplies from the community. They brought all of it to the McCloud Elementary School and presented it to Shelley Cain, the school’s principal to help with the school’s needs for its 52 students. School will be starting Monday, August 21st. 

Post 92 Auxiliary President Judy Sarti, 2nd Vice Linda Hicklin, Auxiliary Treasurer Liz Steel, and Auxiliary Secretary Linda Allison made numerous trips carrying the many bags of supplies into the teacher’s lounge and filling up tables and counters organizing the supplies. This will offset the school’s needs by over a few thousand dollars. 

McCloud Elementary School Principal, Shelley Cain, says, ” I appreciate the efforts of the American Legion Auxiliary: not just today, but every day. This organization goes above and beyond to support our school and the students. We never have to ask for help because they are always thinking about what they can do for our school and community.  Whenever I have needed something extra for students, I know I can approach the Auxiliary for help and I will get it. The ladies are forces of nature and I’m glad to have them as partners in educating and caring for our students. Today, I felt like a kid in a candy store as all of the supplies were brought in and I know the other teachers will be thrilled as well.” 

The McCloud Resource Center is willing to supply what the school did not receive from this program. Normally, school funding is from the state-federal lottery fund, and from property, sales, and income taxes. 

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