Scott Valley

Scott Valley Residents, Please Consider Signing This Letter by August 11th, 2023

A petition was filed in May by the Karuk, Environmental Law Foundation, and two fisheries groups. It poses a much greater threat than the (now expired) emergency regulation, because it proposes permanent requirements for flows that are higher than the emergency regulations and higher than can be achieved in our river in most years–thereby setting agriculture up for failure.

AgWA is collecting Scott Valley residents’ signatures to the attached letter, which we intend to bring to Sacramento on August 15th. Please go to one of the local businesses below by August 11th to sign it. I will gather signatures on August 11 or over the weekend. We will give the letter to the State Water Resources Control Board at their August 15th hearing as they consider a petition for permanent instream flow regulations for the Scott River.

You can sign the letter at the following businesses:

Davie’s ~ martin’s experienced items ~ Etna Creek Outfitters ~ Etna Hardware
Farmhouse Bakery ~ Fort Jones Hardware ~ Genesis Chiropractic
Main Street Salon ~ Marble Grounds ~ Marble Mountain Machinery
Mean Gene’s ~ Mountain Healing Spa ~ Scott River Pump
Scott Valley Auto Parts ~ Scott Valley Feed ~ Scott Valley Tire
Tangles Salon ~ Wildwood Crossing

( The letter can also be viewed online via our latest Facebook post and blog post).
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