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RFK Jr. ~ Who is this guy?

 I didn’t know much about Robert Kennedy Jr. so I decided to watch a few interviews of him, after finding some on YouTube. People such as Megyn Kelly, who has worked at Fox News and NBC, and Michael Smerconish, who has a show on CNN, and other people less well known, have published interviews on their YouTube channels. The reason I didn’t know much about this guy is that he never went into politics, but instead, became an environmental lawyer, suing corporations that were accused of polluting. He’s been doing this for 35-40 years. He tells the story about a group of friends that spent a lot of time fishing on the Hudson River, and years ago they noticed the fish were being negatively affected, by something, so they looked and discovered a company that was dumping effluent into the Hudson, and they tested what was going into the river, and I believe they found mercury. It seems that a coal fired plant produces mercury, which is toxic, not just to fish, but to humans. They sued the company and won, and his career was started as an environmental lawyer. 

Prior to his decision to run for President, RFK Jr. was known as the guy who claims that childhood vaccines cause autism.  Listening to him explain his reasoning, I concluded that he is not an antivaxxer, but does believe there may be a link between vaccines and autism. He said he noticed years ago that there seemed to be an increase in chronic childhood diseases, such as asthma, diabetes, peanut allergies, and autism, and asked his “team” to investigate. As an environmental lawyer, suing companies like Monsanto, and claiming that Roundup causes human disease, he had assembled a team of chemists, biologists, and doctors to testify in court, as “expert witnesses.” His team of scientists discovered that childhood chronic disease started increasing around 1989, so he wanted to know what happened at that time period, which might explain the sudden increase in childhood diseases. In 1986 congress passed the “National Childhood Vaccine Act of 1986”, which removes vaccine makers from being sued for adverse reactions to vaccines. In its place, a federally funded program was created, the “National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.” The following is a quote from the program; “Provides that compensation awarded under the Program shall be paid out of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund. Limits awards for actual and projected pain and suffering and emotional distress to $250,000. Prohibits awards for punitive damages.” 

The reason this “Act” was created, according to one article I read, is that vaccine makers were pulling out of making vaccines, leaving only 4 vaccine manufacturers. The main reason behind the companies moving out of vaccine manufacturing, again, according to the article, was that there were so many lawsuits against vaccine makers it was getting more difficult to be profitable. Because of this, RFK Jr. stated in one of the interviews, vaccine makers had less incentive to be very careful when bringing a vaccine to market. They couldn’t be sued. I think this “Act” caused him to be suspicious of vaccine makers. This time period also saw an increase in the number of vaccines that children are required to get to attend public schools. The hepatitis b vaccine was required in CA schools in 1999. The DTap vaccine was introduced in 1991. The Varicella vaccine (chickenpox) was approved in the US in 1995. The MMR vaccine was approved in 1971. The Polio vaccine has been around since the 1950’s. By the time a CA student enters the 7th grade, they would have been vaccinated for protection against 9 diseases. 

I remember being vaccinated against two diseases in the early 1960’s, polio and smallpox. RFK Jr. said he received 3 vaccines as a kid. He’s only a couple of years younger than me, so we were probably vaccinated in the same time period. Because of the increased number of vaccines children receive now and the time period when childhood chronic disease started rising, RFK became suspicious of vaccines being the cause. Most in the scientific community believe that studies have not found a link between vaccines and autism, and think that RFK Jr. and others are wrong in making that claim. 

In one interview, RFK Jr. said, and I paraphrase; “Maybe I’m wrong about vaccines, but something is causing the increase in chronic childhood disease, and the NIH (National Institutes of Health) needs to be funding research to find the cause.” I fully agree. I think if he answered the media’s questions with that statement, he would not be considered an “anti-vaxxer” and a believer in conspiracy theories. He has said that he and all his family are fully vaccinated and therefor, he’s not an anti-vaxxer. Sometimes labels are hard to get rid of.

I want to point out a couple of claims by the media and some politicians concerning Robert Kennedy Jr. On two occasions, while listening to interviews of him, he was discussing the “surveillance state”, as he describes govt. spying on US citizens, he mentioned that during WW II, Ann Frank could hide in an attic, and Jews could cross the Alps into Switzerland, but in today’s world, we have nowhere to hide. Now, people in the media and some politicians are saying he was comparing the pandemic to the holocaust, and that he is an antisemite. I heard him tell this story twice, and both times he wasn’t comparing the pandemic to the holocaust. He was talking about govt. spying on its citizens. It is clear to me that these people weren’t “listening” to what he said. More recently, he was recorded while talking to people he was sharing diner with, and brought up the idea that scientists have the ability to target a particular group with a disease, such as altering a virus that one group or race may be more susceptible to an infection. (Maybe he was warning us, I’m not sure). He mentioned that the CDC data shows that Caucasians and African Americans are more susceptible to covid than other ethnic groups and races, such as the Chinese and Ashkenazi Jews. What does the media, and again, some politicians, make of this statement? “He’s a racist and an antisemite. He is spreading dangerous information.” I have no idea why he would bring up such a subject at diner, but it’s clear the people who are attacking him didn’t take the time to “listen” to what he said. He stated facts about the covid-19 virus and did not say that covid was created to attack certain groups, but that it is scientifically possible to do so. This type of reporting and criticism of RFK jr. seems to be commonplace, and just feeds my distrust of the Main Stream Media. 

As a side note, I googled Ashkenazic Jew, and learned that they are a group of Jews from eastern Europe that were isolated, apparently for generations, and are more susceptible to 5 diseases compared to other ethnic groups and races. I have also heard that African Americans are more susceptible to cycle cell anemia than other racial groups. These are scientific facts, not examples of racism. So yes, I believe it is scientifically possible for virologists to create a virus in a lab that targets certain ethnic or racial groups. This opens a whole can of worms, or, makes for an interesting diner conversation, or, is a warning of some sort. Take your pick, but it certainly is scientifically possible. Makes me long for the days of Mayberry RFD. 

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  1. melinda field Perlman

    Who is this Guy? Thanks great info. If you learn about. what he has accomplished, you might have a hope attack. children’s health defense.org. Children today get 72 jabs of sixteen vaccines between birth and 18 years old. Lots of interviews on utube check him out.

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