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Siskiyou Golden Fairground Board of Directors Select Three Blue Ribbon Award Recipients 


YREKA – Each year the Siskiyou Golden Fair honors an individual, organization or business that has gone above and beyond supporting our fairgrounds. For 2023, with so much to be thankful for over the last few years, the 10th D.A.A. Board of Directors has selected three recipients to receive the award. “The Blue Ribbon Award was created to recognize exemplary service within the Western Fairs Association and our community and Board is truly thankful for all the support given annually for our fair and during the emergencies we have faced the last few years.  stated CEO, Cliff Munson.

First up for 2023 is the Jefferson Stampede Committee, “The Board and Staff would like to thank the Jefferson State Stampede Committee, Bill and Sheri Nicoletti and crew for their continuous support and production of the beloved “Redneck Roundup”. The Redneck Roundup is taking a year off for 2023 but the Stampede committee plays a big role in the continued success of the fair, please visit them in the Beer Garden during the 2023 fair! 

 Grange Co-Op has been in business since 1934 and involved in the Siskiyou Golden Fair for decades, as our “Avenue of Champions” partner and a big supporter of the Junior Livestock Auction. In 2023 with the devastating McKinney Fire, Grange Co-Op went above and beyond by moving our fair panels to Oregon and back to our fairgrounds so that our show could go on. Grange Co-Op was started by 99 farmers in 1934 and has been a symbol of community since that time – We thank you for your continued support to Southern Oregon and Northern California and especially the Siskiyou Golden Fair!

The Jackson County Expo in Central Point, Oregon is also receiving the Western Fairs Association Blue Ribbon Award from our Board of Directors. With 9 days until opening day in 2022, our fair was cancelled. The Board, Staff and Community Volunteers in Jackson County welcomed the Siskiyou Golden Fair to Oregon to use their grounds as our own and hold our junior livestock show and sale. The event won the 2023 Western Fairs association Merrill Award, the highest award given by the Western Fairs Association. The 10th District Board of Directors appreciates all the support from the Jackson County Expo Board and staff and would like to award them with the Blue Ribbon Award – the highest honor awarded by Western Fairs Association affiliated fairs. Thanks you Jackson County Expo. The three awards will be given at the 2023 opening ceremonies, at the flagpole, starting at 5:00pm on Wednesday August 9th. We hope you join us as we open the 2023 “Siskiyou Nights & Carnival Lights” running of the Siskiyou Golden Fair – August 9-13. 

For more information, contact the fair office at 842-2767 or [email protected]. The 2023 Siskiyou Golden Fair, “Siskiyou Nights & Carnival Lights” runs August 9-13 in Yreka.  



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